Given below is today's, (Thursday, July 27) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Leo zodiac combination.

Today you and your beloved will be filled with ideas. You guys will successfully put the ideas in the required place. It will be possible to inject some practicality into the plan you want to conceive. And finally you will see the ball rolling on the road of success.

You may find yourself involved in somebody else’s problems whole day if you do not stop yourself from getting into it. You are too nice to say a no to anyone from using your shoulder for resting upon and shedding tears.

But you must know where to draw the line.

Today you will appear to be very alluring to your beloved. They will recognize charm in your every action. Here lies a great opportunity for you to make love and get naughty in bed.

Recently you have faced a financial crisis and that has been carried onto your love life as well. You had not been able to spend a good amount of money on dates or not been able to wear impressive clothes to steal the attention of your beloved. But today you may receive some unexpected wealth which will help you over these issues and even you do not need to put off the basic expenditures of routine life. 

An incident from the past and its results may hover around you but your partner is there to protect you from being haunted by it. He or she will balance your karma.

Lucky colors: carrot orange, fuchsia and denim blue.
Lucky numbers: 4, 12, 25, 34

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