Given below is today's, (Sunday, November 19) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Libra & Sagittarius zodiac combination.

Today you will jump up in the competition and will march dozen paces ahead of your competitors. Everyone will be left behind and you will mount the throne to get seated where you deserved to be positioned.

You will make great strides in your love life as well. Planets will give you the necessary courage and the required opportunity to speak truthfully to the one you love. You will be much appreciated for taking the initiative to talk about the problems which you are facing in your relationship. Taking the first step will help you in confronting many of the problems head-on as well.

You and your partner would like to spend some romantic moments together. And it will be a great idea to move across the town in social gatherings or to organize such social gatherings with your dear ones. This will help you recollect your memories when you two too had formed a new bond. This will draw both you and your beloved closer to each other and will increase the warmth in your soulful relationship.

Both you and your partner are pretty flexible and will adapt to the varying demands of family members. Together you two will be agreeing to make innumerable sacrifices for the good of others and even if you two will not be at the receiving end.

Your efforts will not go in vain and things will remain on an even keel, no matter how tumultuous the situation gets.  

Lucky colors: pink, teal green and Tuscan brown.
Lucky numbers: 12, 35, 40, 41

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