Given below is today's, (Saturday, January 20) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Libra & Sagittarius zodiac combination.

Today you may feel like bending the truth to give emotional comfort to your beloved. But truth should be said as it is! So be blunt and spill in front of your beloved what all you have in your mind. They will take it in a healthy spirit. In fact expressing the candidness in your behavior will form a base for a potential relationship between the two of you. After all being true pays off handsomely.

You are active and alert at this point of time. So if there will be any scenario when you will be unhappy about your love life then you will make special attempts to do some research over the issues. And you would be looking for ways to make improvements correspondingly.

Long term plans seem to be more doable today so go ahead with any project where it is required that both you and your partner should put collective efforts. There will be quick and easy communication between the two of you. This will be a welcoming change to the static situation which you two have been experiencing lately and will break the iceberg.

In order to add some elements of fun to your love life, you will try to tempt your partner to the sensuousness lying deep within yourself! They will be fully attentive to you during the whole act and will make you feel special in return as well.  

Lucky colors: sepia, canary yellow and lemon green.
Lucky numbers: 1, 8, 18, 39

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