October love horoscope prediction for people born under Libra zodiac sign.

Love life seems to give you encouraging results this month as the Cupid is on your side. There are also indications of planning a short pleasure trip with partner in order to relax and enjoy the ecstasies of love. However indulging yourself in something improper and wasting time in finding faults in partner could put the budding affair in jeopardy and may in turn give rise to a couple of misunderstandings. Instead use each other's company to strengthen the lovely bond.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Colour: Lavender

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Libra Monthly Love, Romance & Relationship Forecast

The Libra monthly love horoscope predicts romantic inclinations and relationship traits of people born under Libra zodiac sign, during the month of October. See how the stars influence the love and relationship journey of Libra born people during October.