Given below is today's, (Saturday, November 25) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Taurus & Cancer zodiac combination.

You need not go out of your way or do anything extraordinary – you are still going to fill the people around you with love. The difficult thing will be to be yourself. You may find it strange, but your very presence, your honesty and fairness, your clear gaze and empathetic smile will win over hearts today.

You are smart, but still you will find it difficult to understand why people like you and why your partner is so totally committed to you. While it is nice not to take your partner for granted, do not go overboard with this feeling because it can lead to inferiority complex which can needlessly complicate your romantic life.

Just accept that your partner likes you even if you do not go out of the way to do anything to impress him / her.

It is your simple mannerisms and your heart full of love which has attracted your partner. You may not be able to see exactly what is so great about you and this is bound to give rise to some doubts. However, your partner has no such qualms. He / she may not express it very vocally, but your partner is in love with the essence of you and not any cool stuff or heroic deeds that you might perform. If you look carefully, you will be easily able to see the love and commitment shining from the eyes of your partner.

Lucky color: russet, saffron, mauve
Lucky number: 24, 34. 6

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