Given below is today's, (Sunday, May 28) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility Reports for Taurus & Pisces zodiac combination.

    There seems to be a clash of interests. You two have got a day together when you want to spend as you two like. After a long time, you finally have reached a day when both of you are free of your other responsibilities such as work, family and friends. And now, you want to do everything you two have been planning together for a long time. The only glitch is that one day seems too less time for everything.

    Let this not be a source of discontent for you two. After all, each of you has been planning the day for each other. Therefore, not getting your way entirely is not a bad thing. Instead, meet up early and decide well in advance the course of the day. Interact well and list out the activities. Pick some of each and go ahead with the rest of the day. During the day, leave ample time when you two just laze around in each other’s company and share anecdotes. Leave some moments when both of you say nothing at all. Silence can speak volumes. In a nutshell, make it a day mixed with every kind of experience and emotion.

    You and your partner are two very separate individuals. While one of you believes in simple pleasures of life, the other believes in celebrating every occasion, be it small and big. Therefore, there is bound to be a clash of interests. But it can be fun as shall be the sorting out of issues.

    Lucky colors – purple, pink
    Lucky numbers – 8, 17, 25, 30

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