Given below is today's, (Saturday, January 20) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Virgo & Sagittarius zodiac combination.

Today is when you let go off the nagging doubt that has been haunting you at the back of your mind about your love life. You will seize the day today and tell your partner how much you love him/her. A simple kiss and a rose will make all those uneasy questions and doubts go away forever. Your partner will be thrilled by your show of affection and would be encouraged to show you how much he/she love you as well. You two are a perfect couple and nothing in the world will shake your belief about that. In fact, today, you two will confess well meaning secrets to each other.

Your partner might show you his/her journals kept during their teenage life. It would be a way to reconnect with you and to show you, what they had been like, when they were children growing up. You two might meet each other’s childhood friends. Never feel intimidated by the past your significant other seemed to have shared with his female friends. You are the one he has chosen to be with, despite knowing them longer.

Be content and happy to know, that you two are the perfect couple. Today you are going to realize by the little things your partner does that you were simply meant to be. Your partner will be especially affectionate and caring today towards you. You will be bubbling over with happiness today.

Lucky Colors: Sky Blue, Violet, and Earthy Brown
Lucky Numbers: 43, 88, and 96

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