Mars will move into the 1st house of self, personality, ambitions, health, mental disposition and perspective. You will have new beginnings in life. At the same time, you can be very argumentative as well. Since Mars is an aggressive energy you may have a lot of physical activity and that can give you minor physical distresses. You will try to start a new health program. You will feel very restricted as you have too much of energy now. You should divert your attention towards productive matters. Otherwise this Mars transit time period will be little complex. This will be an action oriented time.

Venus will come into the 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains on 6th. This is a crucial time for your long term relations. You will try to add new conditions to the exiting long term relations. You may try to join new groups. New contacts can come up. You will try to spend more time with children and youth groups. You will try to start new team projects and your ideas will get appreciated. This is a good time to do some charity. You will find likeminded people.

Mercury will move to the 12th house of hidden fears, emotions psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity on 7th. This is a very crucial time for mental peace and quest for spirituality. You will try to analyze  your hidden desires. You may become a truth seeker. This is a good time to analyze and plan for your future. You will get interested in therapy, prayer or healing. This is a good time to stand alone and chase yourself.

 The full moon will come in the 6th house of work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets. This is a very crucial time for your work and health. You will have serious conversations with your colleagues. You may even try to complete an existing project. You will think about a new project or a new job. This full moon will trigger the health-related matters as well. You are thinking about improving your health . You will try to adopt a new health program or a diet. Some of you will spend time with your pets as well. This is a time to do an analysis of your financial burdens as well.

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