Cancer horoscope for February with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

The Sun will be majorly in the sector for finances and emotional relationships. This is a hidden sector in your chart. The Sun doesn’t like to be in this sector, so you may expect few complexities in the financial issues and emotional status. Please don’t try to control your emotions or don’t try to get dominated by them. We all are just human beings and our emotional nature will be there forever. You are a Cancerian and the ruler of Cancer is Moon. Moon itself is the indicator of emotions, so for you getting into emotions is easy. During this month, you may have to confront your emotional self.

Sexual relations, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships, and loans are the matters which are going to give results during this month. Your emotional relationships are actually going through a complex time. The Sun will show you the real situation of these relationships. Try to be practical and deal with the realities. Please avoid arguments with your partners. This is the house of research and investigation too. You may feel to be investigating and that may not be a good move during this time.

Mercury and Venus will be in this same sector for few more days. You may expect a lot of one to one discussions related with partnership deals. You may even change certain conditions in the existing relations. Please try to settle your financial disputes. Discussions related to financial aid is also possible. Please try to be active with your partners in a positive way. Joint assets and new business deals will gain your attention.

Mercury and Venus will be moving into the 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. From the 2nd week onwards, you will try to arrange a long trip. Higher studies, opportunities with writing and editing and interaction with an international community are also seen. You should try to use this opportunity to enter into spirituality. Pilgrimages and spiritual deeds are also seen.

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