Gemini horoscope for October with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

On the 5th the full moon will rise above your 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. There will be visible changes in your friendships and collective projects. You may join a new group. Old friends may leave or new friends will come with new ideas. You may start a new long-term project. Team discussions can also happen.

Jupiter will move into Scorpio and it will trigger the 6th house of work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets on the 8th. This is happening in your tropical astrology chart and don't get confused for sidereal astrology. For the next one year, you may have a lot of work to do. You will try to take up more and more work. This time period will not be ideal for taking a risk with your finances and health. During the last week, Mercury and the Sun will be in this house. So, you will be busy for short projects. They can be from technology and communication-related domains. You will have team discussions. You may even think about a new job. During this month, the 6th house matters will be very important.

On 15th Venus will move into the 5th house of romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative businesses. This will be a good opportunity for you to start own ventures. You will think about your strategies which you follow in romance and marriage. Team discussions can also come up. You will take part in entertainment programs. This is a good time to prove your skills.

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