On 5th Mars will move into the 12th house of hidden fears, emotions,  psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity . Mars in this house and in the sign of Cancer is not in a great mode. In Cancer Mars is unhappy. So, you should anticipate health issues. It may be minor issues like headache or joint pains. This transit is triggering the emotional space and you may feel the need to stand alone. If you feel so then you should take a break. This is a good time for a therapy or a counseling. You can even do it yourself by analyzing your own self. You will try to decode your hidden desires and dreams. You will try to search yourself through the help of mystical sciences. You may even try to spend more time in prayer and meditation.

On the 6th Venus will come into the 10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. This is a crucial time for your work. Your bosses may share their views with you. You will think about as new project. You will try to spend time in a creative project. This will be a busy time for those who work in beauty and entertainment industry

On the 6th Mercury will move into the 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains . This is a crucial time for your long-term relations. You will try to add new conditions to the existing long term relations. You may try to join new groups. New contacts can come up. You will try to spend more time with children and youth groups. You will try to start new team projects and your ideas will get appreciated. This is a good time to do some charity. You will find likeminded people. Team meetings also will come up.

On the 9th full moon will rise over your 5th house of romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative business. This is a good time for your networking activities. You will try to restructure your creative projects. You may rethink about your self-promotional activities. You may think about speculative businesses as well. You will plan for your own ventures. Entertainment activities can also come up.

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