Venus will dive into the deep waters of Pisces on the 4th of January. Mars is already in that sign. Both the planets are shaking up your 6th house of work, colleagues, health, struggles, debts and enemies. In this house, you will be dealing with most of these things. There can be health related concerns. You will have to manage your health related matters. Do a health check as well. You may have work related discussions. Most of the work will be short projects. You may think about working in a creative domain as well.

Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, media, electronics and siblings was in a slow down mode during last year, will turn direct during this month. It was in Capricorn and it will enter Sagittarius on January 4th. From Sagittarius, it will go back to Capricorn on January 8th and it will enter Capricorn on January 12th.

During this retrogression mode, mercury will analyze the matters of the 3rd house and 4th house too. The 3rd house deals with siblings, communication, studies, technology, media, electronics and short travels.This is a clear indication of a busy life. There will be communications in an intense mode. You will have to act like a multi-tasker. You may get a new work with communication. You may have serious discussions with your relatives or sibling. You can even spend some time helping your neighbor. You will see new people coming to you with new ideas. You may travel a short distance. You will even think about buying a new electronic device. The tricky part is that you have to think twice about all these things due to the Mercury slow down.

After the slow down the drama, Mercury will tickle the 4th house 4th house of home, family, material assets, parents, relatives, and ancestors. You may have some rework at home. It can be about renovation or relocation as well. You may have to be very careful about your real estate deals. This may not be a great time to deal with that, just because Mercury is out from the slow down mode.

On the 12th Moon will bloom in a Full moon mode in Cancer. This will make you observe your 10th house. It deals with career, social status, bosses, and elders. You may have talks with your bosses or elders. You may see that your prominence is increasing at work. You can be emotional about the work as well. You will feel the importance of balancing between home and family.

The Sun will move into Air sign Aquarius. This will trigger your 5th house of romance speculative events, self-promotions, and entertainment. You may have to keep a clear strategy on these things. Otherwise, you have to do an extra work. This may not be an easy job either. You may get many opportunities to promote yourself. You may even think about own ventures. There can be entertainment programs as well.

Mars, the warrior of the zodiac will jump to its home ground in Aries. This will be at your 7th house of spouse, marriage, partnerships, contracts, cooperative relationships, divorce, and open enemies. Mars will closely watch all these areas in your life and may make you aware of the realities. You may have to think twice before you take any decisions in the relationships. There should be a great vigil on all kind of relationships. It can be an agreement, or a legal issue as well.

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