Venus, the planet of love, money, and luxury will move to the 7th house of spouse, marriage, relationships, agreements, contracts and opponents on 4th . This will be a crucial time for your relationship. Mars is also in this very same house. Both the planets are triggering the relationship sector. You are looking for a new relationship. It can be a love relation or a business relation. This is a good time to start talks related to business as well. You can even expect a new job offer. Mars is a dominating energy and it can tempt you to be dominating. This domination should not ruin all the good opportunities arising from the 7th house. This is a good time to explore your partners. You may be interested in knowing what your partner needs.

On 8th Mercury will move into the 5th house of romance, creativity, self-promotion, speculative events and hobbies. You will get enough time to spend with children or youth groups. This is a good time to adopt a new hobby. You will go out for entertainment programs as well. Some plans related to self-promotion is also seen. You are thinking about a new venture too. The Sun is also in this very same house. This indicates enough opportunities to express yourself. You are very zealous about starting a new own venture. You will study the possibilities to start that. You may start a new hobby, with an intention to convert it into a money-making project.

On 11th a powerful lunar eclipse will trigger the 11th house of friendships, collective projects, team events, long-term associations, and wishes. You will get new ideas about a long-term project. You will have to attend some group events. You may join a new group. Your friends may arrange a program. You will share valuable ideas with your friends. This is a good time to be with groups and set bigger goals for future. You will see some new friends coming into your life or old friends leaving your friendship circle.

On 19th the Sun will move into the 6th house work, colleagues, burdens, health, and pets. This house shows all that we do in our daily life. The workplace is very important now. You may get a new project. Some of you may even think about a new job. This time is good to prepare your resume. You will search for new job openings. You are focusing on your health as well. This is a time to adopt a new health care regime. You will try to work out also. You will try to make a new plan to deal with your financial, spiritual and physical burdens. During the last week, a powerful solar eclipse will trigger again the matters of the 6th house. You may then see a new job opportunity or a serious discussion with your colleagues.

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