Pisces horoscope for December with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

The full moon will rise above your 4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property on the first week of this month. This will be an important time in your personal life. You will become very emotional thinking about your personal life. Real estate deals and plans for relocation is also seen. You will interact more with elderly female members of the family. Family meetings and discussions regarding family property is also seen.

Mercury, the planet of communication and logical analysis will start its slow down mode during this month. This slow down mode will activate your 10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. You will have to rework in the existing projects. The relationship with rulers will be very transformative. They may have different expectations about your work. This is a good, but complex time for your career. You may look for new projects.

Opportunities for writing and other communication-related sector can come up. You may have to work on old projects to bring more precision. The Sun and Saturn are also moving through this house, so you will have to be very careful with your colleagues and bosses too.

Mars will move into the 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. This is a good time to study about mystical sciences. You may plan for long travels. It can be for pilgrimage purposes too. Interaction with an international community is also seen. Career development plans are seen. Please don’t be forceful regarding your faith and belief system. Your spiritual views may irritate others.

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