Mars, the warrior of the zodiac will move into the 8th house of sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans. This is a crucial time for your joint assets and emotional relationships. You may try to get an explanation from your partners. It can be from the partners in business or emotional relationships. You will try to enquire more about joint ventures. Projects related to shared resources can come up. You may think about a financial aid. This is a good time to settle your financial issues as well

On the 6th Venus will move into the 6th house of work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets. This placement will give you busy days at work. Those who work in creative and beauty industry will have a more work or crucial days. You may think about a new job. There can be a renewal at work. This is a good time for improving your health. You may even think about a beauty treatment. You will try to settle your debts. Some of you may even get a pet for yourself.

On the 6th Mercury will move into the 7th house of spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies. The Sun is also in this house majority of the days. You will see new opportunities to be in a new relationship. There can be discussions related to the existing relationships too. Opportunities to form new contracts and agreements can also come up. You will feel the need to improve the existing relationships.

This month’s full moon will rise in the 1st house of self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. This will be an emotional phase for you. You may get into the past and recollect your past events. You will try to improve your health and beauty. There can be a zeal to be the center of attraction. You may get new beginnings in the personal and professional relationships also.

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