On the 5th Mars will move into the 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. This house will be very active throughout the month. You will try to go for a long or international trip. This can be for the sake of your career as well. There can be career related training. You may try to recheck the spiritual knowledge. You may even critically analyze your faith and belief system. Opportunities for writing and publishing can also come. You may interact with an international community. You will even try to study mystical sciences.

On 6th Mercury will move into the of the 8th house of sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships, and loans. This is a very crucial time for your finances and emotional relationships. You will try to settle down in your emotional relationships. There can be meetings for the commencement of a joint venture. Inheritance related debates can also come up. Some issues related to such relationship may get a final settlement. You will try to get or give a financial aid. You will think about partnership deals as well.

On the 6th Venus will move into the 7th house of spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies. This is a crucial time for your partnerships deals and relationship with spouse. You will get enough time to set your relationship in a growing mode. This is a good time to search for new relationships as well. You may try to set new conditions for existing relationships. You will think about new projects, new contracts. You may have to move little slow as your Venus seems to be very adamant during the coming days since it in in its own sign Taurus.

On the 9th the full moon will rise above your 2nd house of money, material possessions, speech, family and self-worth. This move will make you anxious about your financial situations. You may need a part time job. You will try to set a new financial plan. There can be emotional conversations related to wealth and other possessions. This full moon can definitely make you emotional in various dimensions.

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