Venus will enter the 3rd house of Short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing. Mercury is also in this very same house. This will be a mixed time for you. There can be a serious conversation with your siblings or siblings like people. You may get interested in writing or editing. This project can be little tiresome as Mercury, the planet of communication and media is in a slow down mode. Short travels also can be there, but for that, you have to be prepared. You may go for a study program. This can, of course, be a busy week for you. This house shows mental inclinations. So, you will have to divert your attention to various matters at a time.

The New Moon will trigger your 4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. Your family environment or home front will become very active. You can have an aggressive conversation with your parents. You will get time to get closer to your mother. There can be some real estate deals as well. Repairing or clutter clearing at home is shown. You may go for family meetings or your relatives may come to meet you.

The 5th house of creativity, self-expression, speculative businesses, networking, self-promotion and youth groups is triggered by Mars. This is a good time for self-promotion. You may think about your own ventures. You have to use your creative talents in these ventures. You may think about a new hobby. You may even go for gatherings. Activity with children and youth groups are also seen. This should be seen as a good opportunity for your creative talents.

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