The present planetary placements will be continuing until the 1st week of July. Your 4th house of family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property is really activated by the presence of the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. You may go through emotional struggles as all these planets are not great in the 4thhouse. When Mercury is placed with malefics, it will also become negative planet. The Sun is directionless in this house. So, you have to be more careful in dealing with your family members. The Sun and Mars are fiery planets and they are in watery sign of Cancer, it clearly shows obstacles in home and family sector. There can be confrontations in the family. You may deal with your relatives in a very strict manner. This can cause unhappiness for both. Some of your relatives may come in and some may leave. If you are thinking about some real estate deals, then you have to make sure they are the best and this is the right time to move in that direction. You will try to fix something at home. Mars means repairing and fixing works, when it is in Cancer. You may try to attach something at home, so that you can move freely. Since Sun means soul in astrology and it is directionless, you may also feel clueless about the current situation, but let me remind you that this is a temporary transit. You may attend family functions. Your relatives will also have an eventful life.

Saturn is continuing its slow down in the 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. This can be seen as a learning phase. You may try to have different views about religion and philosophy. This house deals with publishing and writing, so there can be some obstacles regarding these matters. You have to be careful with your travel plans as well.

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