The Sun will enter Aquarius this week and this will illuminate your 11th house of friendships, long term associations, youth groups, collective projects, hopes, and gains. The Sun will show you what you must do to make your friendships stronger. The issues in the collective projects will become clearly visible. There can be subtractions and additions in your friend circle. You may think about entering new groups in a long-term perspective. You will draw an outline for your future. There can be some corrections in your dreams for the future. You will try to make your strategies straight and clear for the progress. Children and youth group settings will gain your attention. You may work for their benefit.

Mercury is grazing through the rough lands of Capricorn. He is hitting the sector of 10th house in a speedy mode. They are social status, honor, bosses, parents, and career. You will have some projects from the writing, communication, technology and electronics domain. You may start a new project with your communication skills. Your bosses will do some appraisals on your work. They will give you valuable inputs. You may have so some corrections in the present working pattern.

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