The September 4th week Aries weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

Venus will enter your 6th house of work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets. There is a cluster of planets and the new moon also will come in this house during this week. When 3 or more planet grazes through any house, then you will be ready to face a lot of complex events in your life.

For you, work and health can be main concerns. You will have a lot of work pressure and when new moon rises here, there will be a lot of new beginnings. You may end some projects as well. Discussions with colleagues are also seen. You may try to improve your health and vitality.

Please don’t be in a haste to react. Your colleagues may not be in favor of that. You may even think about a new job. This is not a bad time but, this is not a great time to relax.

The Sun will move into its debilitation sign Libra and it will trigger your 7th house of spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies. You may have to be patient with your partners.

You may try to get a new agreement or contract. This is not a time to take a decision without a second thought. You will have concerns regarding your stand in the relationships.

Please try to strengthen your existing relationship than starting a new one. Your existing relationships may need some space. Give your partners a space to relax. You should try to analyze what you have done in the past in making or breaking the relationship.

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