There is a multi-planetary conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your 1st house of self, personality, attitude, health, vitality, ambition, and perspective. There is a great focus in your 1st house. This focus will be increased this week when a powerful new moon hits this house on 27th. This new moon will bring you new beginnings in the matters of the 1st house. You may get mild physical distresses like headaches or cold. You will try to start new things in personal and professional life. There can be new plans to revive your professional life too. You may find new people coming to you. You will be highly visible in the social domain. Mercury is in this house and it is making you a multi-tasker. A lot of communications will come up. You must use this opportunity, especially to strengthen your social sector.

The new moon is all about new beginnings and you may expect some events where you feel that these events are guiding you towards new beginnings. These new beginnings may require some time to reach fruition. Kindly set some strategies to keep yourself focused in these. You may get an opportunity to start of a new relation in the personal or professional front. You will try to renew your health and vitality.

If it is in the personal life, then kindly analyze the possibilities as Venus the ruler of your 7th house of relationships is in a slowdown mode. The warrior of the zodiac, Mars is transiting through the house of Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth. You are deeply thinking about improving your financial status. You will make some adjustments in the existing financial projects. This is a time where you have to prove your worth. There will be moments of aggression. During this time it’s natural to feel that you are stressing out too much to prove yourself. You have to control your expenditures.

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