The October 4th week Aries weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

Mercury will move into the mysterious sign of Scorpio during this week. This sign represents sensitive matters like finances, sexual energy and emotional vibes. Mercury means communication and logical analysis. So, for the next few days, you will have force yourself to move logically in the matter of finances and emotional vibes.

Your finance is almost like a challenge now. You should identify what your exact need is. Cost cutting would be ideal. You may be going through some ups and down relating to your finances. This is not the time to take up additional burdens. Peacefully handle your financial need. You may have to draw a good financial plan with an expert advice.

Loans will be an important part of your life. You may try to settle your current loan issues. In order to settle them you may think about taking up additional loan. This is not a good time for impulsive buying. Instead of buying new things, please use what you have. Tax and insurance-related issues also can come up.

Your emotional and business partners are also active these days. You will have serious communication with your partners. Mercury can influence you for a reckless speech, which will be very harmful during this time period. Try to move practically, for that, your first priority should be a logical analysis. Another big feature of the house is occult stuff and you may think about studying an occult science.

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