The Sun will enter Aries this week. This mighty planet is influencing this house along with Mercury and Venus. This will trigger your 10th house of Career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. The Sun is very powerful in the 10th house and it will do its duty by shining high. This Sun will ask you to use your productivity in a higher measure. You will have serious conversations with your bosses. You may look for a new job opening or you will try to take new responsibility in the existing job. Your bosses may give a new idea about your work.

Venus, the planet of love, money, and luxury is slowing down in this very same house. This will ask you to give more energy in creative projects. Your work can include something related to creativity. You may have to give an extra effort to be just in your work. You may feel lazy. At the same time, you may see your old pals coming back for a short visit.

Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, technology and media is also in this house. You may have projects related to these domains. This can be a busy time for those who work in communication and technology related media. You will be obviously multi -tasking and your bosses will give you inputs.

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