Your 12th house of Hidden fears, emotions. Psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity are activated by Mars. You should understand that this is the house for emotional burdens and Mars doesn’t like to deal with these emotional upheavals. He is a soldier and he wants to conquer. The matters in the 12thhouse are very sensitive and Mars is not the right force to represent it. So, you may have emotional upheavals. You should understand that whatever emotions are there, you may try to expand it in a negative way and your current mental programming is running in that way. So, the best way to be peaceful is to find whether your expressions are in the right direction. Try all those sources which can add more peace within you. Prayer and meditation will surely help. Try to go for a walk in the greenery, that too barefoot and reading sacred texts will comfort your psyche. Do a study on yourself, on how your life turned in all these years, was it in your favour, or which wrong ways you adopted to deal with your life……… and so. You will try to be a part-time philosopher during this transit. You may even get mild physical distresses.

The new moon will come in your 11th house of Friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. This is a very good time to understand your long-term relations. You will go through realistic experiences. It can be about your personal or professional relations. You may think about joining new groups. There can be some changes in the existing relationships as well. You may set new strategies to tame your long term projects.

Venus will move into the 10th house of Career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. This should be a good time for your career related moves. This, of course, show many new moves in your career sector. It can be a new creative project. Your bosses should be encouraging towards you. It all depends on the placement of your natal chart too. There will be new inputs from your bosses. New ambitions and aspiration will come up. Those who work in beauty and entertainment industry should get more opportunities.

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