The November 4th week Cancer weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

the Sun Will Move Into Sagittarius And It Will Trigger The 6th House Of Work, Colleagues, Health, Debts, Responsibilities, And Pets. Sagittarius Is The Sign Of Expansion And The Sun Will Trigger Each Feature Of This House In An Expansive Way. This House Deals Mostly With Issues, So You Will Have To Be Very Much Alert During This Time.

your Work And Colleagues Are Very Important. There Will Be A Lot Of Focus On Short Projects. These Projects Can Be Of Short-term And It Will Need A Lot Of Hard Work. You Are Thinking About A New Job. Your Colleagues Will Have Different Expectations. Please Try To Be Understanding And Flexible. This Is Not A Good Time To Be Stubborn. You Will Try To Get A New Job Or A New Role.

there Can Be Minor Health Concerns. This House Represents A Digestive System, So You Must Be Very Careful With Your Diet. Don’t Try To Have Any Fancy Diet Which Can Burden Your Intestines. This Is A Good Time To Check For A New Health Care Program Or Workout Regime. You May Go Through Some Intense Thoughts Regarding Your Liabilities.

this Is A Complex Time As The Sun, Mercury And Saturn Are Together Here. Mercury And Saturn Are Kind Of Negative Planets, And The Sun Is A Spiritual Planet. You Must Be Very Watchful Regarding Your Liabilities And Peace.

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