The Sun is in the 9th house of higher studies, long travels, international relations, spirituality, writing, and publishing. It will be alone in this until this weekend and then Mercury will come to this house. You will have many opportunities to go to a foreign travel.

You will think about spiritual deeds and anything related to spirituality will make you happy and inquisitive. Even philosophical subjects will get your attention. You may go for spiritual retreats too. This is a time where you look at writing and publishing too. You may yearn to study or teach something. This is a good time to enjoy with a foreign community.

Mars and Venus are in the 10th house of career, social status, elders, bosses, and ambition. This is a good time to start a project in a creative domain. You will find new opportunities at your work. Your bosses may share their ideas with you. You will try to get a new project or a new business opportunity. Since both the planets are in the fire sign, they will influence you to be highly productive. This energy may push you to stand firm and you should try to be flexible. Then you can make use of this transit.

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