Dear Cancerians, you will be totally focused on your personal and professional relationships. The 7th, 8th, and 9th houses are very much active. The 7th house of spouse, marriage, agreements, contracts, and open enemies are in focus due to the presence of Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, media, technology, and electronics. Mercury has re -entered in this house after a three week long slow down mode, so he has so much to do here. You are busy in communication. You are looking at improving the relationships. It can be the personal or professional relationship. There are conversations for new agreements and contracts. You may be little distracted, especially because Mercury is just back from its slow down mode. You are thinking about creating new partnerships as well. This is a good time for diplomatic talks.

The Sun is also making you very active in approaching your relationships. The 8th house is dealing with sex, partnerships, investments, finances, loans, taxes and insurance. The specialty of Sun is, it is the form of ultimate purity and spirituality. Whichever house it transits, it will show you the misdeeds or the dirt in that house, so that you can purify it and move ahead successfully. The process of purification and pruning are always complicated and you have to go an extra mile for such process. You are going through the realities in many areas of your life. You will see what you lack in the partnerships. It can be in business and life partnerships too. You may try to clear the doubts regarding the financial matters. Some issues related to insurance and taxes also can come up. Mars and Venus are in the house of foreign relations, publishing, writing, foreign travels and philosophy.

Mars can make you defensive about your belief systems. This placement can give some confrontations with your own people. Venus is also there pacifying you. You may get a chance to go for a long trip. It can even be a foreign travel. You may start studying a new subject. Some of you may even start teaching. This is a good time for a spiritual debate or a spiritual journey. You may even like to write something.

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