The September 5th week Capricorn weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

Mars and Venus are moving through the 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. You will try to learn a new skill. This is a good time to study theology or other occult sciences. You may go for pilgrimages. Taking part in spiritual debates are also seen.

Opportunities to work with your writing skills are also seen. You may get an opportunity to publish your articles as well. Career-related training and travels are also seen. You may travel abroad or long distances for the sake of your work and hobbies.

The Sun and Mercury are moving through the 10th house of work and bosses. You will have to work on multiple projects. They can be little complicated as well. You may have to timely update. It can make you stressed out. Please try to keep an outline of your work. Please keep reminders too.

You can get work from communication, technology, and electronics related domain. These projects can be short-term. Your bosses may ask you for some corrections. Better obey them with a humble heart. Otherwise, the situations can work against you.

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