Your 8th, 9th, and 10th house are very much activated this week. The Sun will move into the air sign of Aquarius on 19th. This move will transform your 9th house of higher studies, foreign relations, spirituality, philosophy, foreign travels, writing, publishing, and teaching. You must do a lot in the sector related to studies and communication. There can be extra work in studies and teaching. You may get an opportunity for career development training. You may go for teaching or you will start learning a new subject. There can be close interaction with people from far places. Chances for long travels are also seen. You will try to identify the issues in the projects related to writing and publishing. You will have true visions about your life. This is a time to spread your wings and you will stand as a very daring person.

Mercury, the naughtiest among all the planet and the planet of communication, technology, speech, and electronics is transiting the sign of Capricorn. This transit is showing the realities of the 8th house. They are sex, partnerships, investments, finances, loans, taxes and insurance. You will think about new terms and conditions in the existing partnerships. You may even go for new partnership related debates. Your attention will be on matters like investments and finances. There can be new plans related to investments and finances. Some discussions related to taxes and insurances are also seen.

The planet of vigor and spirit, Mars is influencing the 10th house of social status, honor, bosses, parents, and career. Venus, the planet of money, luck and luxury is also in this house. This is a time for doing something creative in your job. Those who work in arts and entertainment can get new opportunities. Mars can bring a new business opportunity, projects which require hard work, and a new business opportunity. Both the planets are making your work sector very much happening. You will get some fine inputs from your bosses. You may have to slow down in your emotions because, Mars is influencing you and he is not very happy to be in the sign of Pisces, which is a water sign.

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