The November 4th week Gemini weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

The Sun Will Move Into The Sign Of Sagittarius And It Will Trigger Your 7th House Of Spouse, Marriage, Personal And Professional Relations, Agreements, Contracts And Open Enemies. The Sun Is Moving Through The Sign Of Spirituality. So, There Will Be A Lot Of Purification In The Relationships. You Will See That Your Focus Has Shifted Into One To One Relationships.

the Relationships Mentioned In The 7th House Are From Your Personal And Professional Domain. You May Be Thinking About New Agreements From The Professional Domain. This Can Even Be A Job Offer. When Sun Moves Through This House It Can Make You An Egoist And It Should Not Spoil The Relationships. This Is A Good Time To Find A Balance Between Your Partners Too.

in Your Personal Relationships, You May Have To Humble Yourself Down. The Sun Will Show You The Real Status Of Your Relationships. This Is Not A Great Time To Be Stubborn. If You Really Want The Relationships To Work, Then You Should Take An Initiative To Strengthen These Relations. Please Don’t Be In A Hurry To Fix The Issues In The Relations. Take Some Time And Move At A Slow Pace.

mercury-the Planet Of Communication And Saturn-the Planet Of Obstacles Are Also In This Same House. This Is A Complex Situation, And You Must Be Slow In Speech. Mercury Also Indicates Logical Analysis And Communication, And Both These Qualities Can Be Affected As Mercury, Saturn And The Sun Will Be In The Same House.

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