The Sun is making an important move this week. This mighty planet will leave Capricorn and enter the air sign of Aquarius. For Leos, the 7th house spouse, marriage, agreements, contracts, and open enemies will get activated. This Sun will cast a spell on your 1st house of self, personality, perspective and ambitions too. Both houses will show you how your relationships are progressing. You will get enough and more opportunities to calculate how much you have grown in your professional arena. The Sun is the form of ultimate purity, so it will try to make things clear and serene especially in the matters of the 7th house. You will see the true intention of your partners. You will get to know how to maintain your partnerships. What you need to change and what your partners need to change, all these things will be visible. You will take new decisions to improve your professional relations.

The 6th house of work, colleagues, health and responsibilities will get more prominence during this week. You will find a mercury over this house. It has just gained the momentum after three weeks long slow down process. This will, of course, show you the importance of your work sector. Your colleagues and their behavior may gain your attention. You should practically handle this situation. You may complete some project during this week. Your health and vitality also will gain attention. Some of you will try to adopt a new pet.

Mars, the planet of war and Venus, the planet of love, money, and luck is transiting the 8th of sex, partnerships, investments, finances, loans, taxes and insurance. This house, of course, deals with finances, but it deals with emotions too. You have to be careful with your finances. Tax and insurance related issues can get highlighted. There can be serious discussions with your partners, you may even look into reversing the terms and conditions in the partnerships. You may think about starting a joint project. This transit will, of course, bring some emotional issues. You have to be very patient while dealing with that. This is a time to give or get some financial aid.

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