The 8th house of sex, emotions, investments, finances, tax, insurance, joint assets, and loans. This is a crucial time for your partnerships and investments has Sun in it. You will see the real financial status. This house also deals with emotional relationships too. You are not much happy with the developments in your personal life. This is a time to listen. You must be very patient with your partners. It is applicable for life as well as business partners. New discussions related to joint assets are seen.

You will think about the possibilities with joint ventures. Inheritance related issues also can come up. You will try to settle the issues related to tax and insurances. After Mercury comes into this house during the weekend, you can see lot more communications related to all the matters of the 8th house. You will go for many meetings and you will take important decisions related to emotional relationships and investments.

Mars and Venus are in the 9th house of higher studies, long travels, international relations, spirituality, writing, and publishing. This is a good time for foreign travel. You will meet interesting people during your foreign travel. You will try to learn a new skill. This is a time where you defend your faith and belief. You will try to write or publish a book or an article. International community will get your attention too.

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