The November 4th week Leo weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

The 5th House Of House Of Romance, Entertainment, Fun, Children, Youth Groups, Creativity, Self-promotion And Speculative Business Will Be Illuminated By The Sun. The Sun Will Move Into The Sign Of Sagittarius. During This Week There Will Be A Huge Focus On The Matters Of The 5th House. You Will Be Physically And Mentally Busy Because This House Deals With A Lot Of Exercises And You Solely Will Be Running The Show.

the Sun Is The Symbol Of Purification And You Will See The Real Status Of Your Romantic Relationships. You May Have To Revise Your Terms And Conditions In The Existing Relationships. Being Realistic And Practical In A Romantic Relationship Is Actually Very Hard, But During This Time, You Must Prepare Yourself So That You Can Grow In Maturity. This House Is Not The House For Serious Or Heart To Heart Relationship. Basically, This House Deals With Fun Relationships Which Are Based On Physical Pleasures. So, Whenever Your 5th House Is Activated, Then You Will Naturally Think About Having Sex, Which May Not Always Be A Committed Relationship.

this House Also Deals With Speculative Events And Own Ventures. You Will Get Opportunities To Promote Yourself. Entertainment Programs Are Also Seen. Activities With Children And Youth Groups Are Also Possible. Please Try To Be Clear About Your Own Ventures. During This Time, You May Have Minor Difficulties In Choosing The Best For You.

this Week Can Be A Complex Week For You Because Of Mercury, Saturn And Sun Are In This Sign. You Must Be Very Careful With Your Speech And Logical Analysis. Your Analytical Capability May Be Low, So It Can Bring Some Issues In A Romantic Relation. Your Self-promotion Activities Should Be Carried Out Carefully.

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