Your home and family sector is highly activated. This 4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property is totally influenced by the Sun and Mars. You should know that both the planets are fiery in nature. So a lot of activity will be there in this sector.

You will have serious communication with your parents. Your family members can come to meet you. They will discuss serious matters with you. You will try to settle some disputes related to the family.

Mars will move out from this house shortly. The Sun will continue for some time in this house and you will see many areas which need improvement at home.

Venus, the planet of love, money, and luxury is in the 2nd house of money, material possessions, speech, family and self-worth. This is a crucial time for your finances. You may get money and at the same time, you may be spending it as well. You are trying to set new plans to keep your expenses in control. You may buy expensive objects too.

This is a good time to search for a new part time job. You are looking for a part time job. You may have to be very strict about your finances.

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