The 2nd house of Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth is under the influence of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. This multi-planetary conjunction is already creating a lot of stress in the matters of the 2nd house. This importance will get into a new juncture by the arrival of the new moon in this very same house. You may get new financial projects. You may even adopt a new financial plan. This will be a crucial time for your finances. You may have to go an extra mile in proving your worth. You may feel that pressure to prove yourself. Please don’t be pressurized, instead, you should try to improve your worth. You should think about doing some certification or you should think about increasing your productivity.

Mars, the planet of war is in the 3rd house of house of short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. You will have serious communications with your siblings or siblings like people. This is a time for increased amount of communications. There are chances for short trips. You will find new opportunities in writing and editing. This is a good time for other jobs in the domain of electronics, communication, technology, and media.

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