The November 4th week Pisces weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

the Sun Will Move Into The Sign Of Expansion, Sagittarius. This Move Will Trigger Your 10th House Of Career, Social Status, Bosses, Authority, And Ambitions. You Will Have A Lot Of Concerns Regarding These Matters, But That Doesn’t Mean Any Negative Events. This Is A Good Time To Work Hard To Improve The Possibilities Arising From These Matters.

your 10th House Shows Your Social Life And Status You Have In The Society. This Is A Good Time To Work Hard For Your Honor And Value. You May Think About New Assignments. Your Bosses Will Give You Important Duties. This Will Need A Lot Of Hard Work Too. You May Have Projects With Writing And Editing Skills. This Is A Busy Time For You.

you May Have To Be Very Submissive At Work. You Will Think About A New Job Or A New Role. This Is A Very Busy Time And You Must Be Very Alert Not To Miss Any Job. There Are Chances For Issues With Your Rulers Or Those Who In The Authority. You Will Set New Goals For Your Social Status.

the Sun, Mercury, And Saturn Are Moving Through This House. These Three Planets Are Not Happy With Each And When They Are In The Same House And Then The Intensity Rises Of The Features Of That House. Get Ready For Intense Days And Be Prepared To Take Up More And More Responsibilities. The More Effort, Then More Will Be The Results.

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