Mercury will turn direct in the 5th house of creativity, self-expression, speculative businesses, networking, self-promotion, and youth groups. This will bring more energy into the matters of the 5th house. Venus in this house may influence you to promote yourself. You may get opportunities to work with your creative intelligence. You will get opportunities to show your talents. There can be team meetings or plans for entertainment programs. You may get time to spend time with children and youth groups. More opportunities for networking and self-expression is also seen.

The Sun will energize your 6th house of Work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets. It is showing you the exact situation of your work. Your teammates will need more time. You will analyze your relationship with your colleagues. You will try to arrange a new diet or a new health program. There can be more focus on your financial dealings. Your pets also will gain your attention.

Mars is triggering the 7th house of Spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies. Your business ventures will get a boost. You may feel like dominating your partners. It may not go well with them. New agreements, new contracts, and new personal relationships also can come up. You should try to understand others view as well. Otherwise there can be arguments.

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