Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, intellect, and siblings is transiting the 3rd house of siblings, media, communication, short projects, short courses, writing and editing. It has gained momentum after a three week long slow down mode. So, you can see a sudden possibility in all the matters dealt with the 3rd house. There can be serious communications with your siblings. You may talk about your life and you both will try to help each other. You may go for some short trips. Career-related training is also seen. You will have more work with media and sales. This is a great time to start some project with technology and electronics too. You may even think about buying an electronic device.

The Sun will move to the air sign of Aquarius on 19th. This is the most important planetary event for this week. This move will activate your 4th house of home, family, parents, ancestral property and comforts. This will trigger your family matters. There can be some real estate deals. You may try to repair, renovate or relocate your residence. There can be clutter clearing as well. You may have some family functions, serious discussions with parents are also seen. You may go for some trips. This is a good time to meet with your relatives and discuss your life.

Your 5th house of creativity, self-promotions, speculative businesses and entertainments is very much activated by the placement of Mars and Venus. Both the planets are two exotic energies and this will give singles a great opportunity to mingle. You may get some time to work with children or youth groups. You may go for some entertainment programs too. You may start doing a creative project. This is a very good time for networking. You may get good contacts through that. You will even think about starting your own venture. This is a good time to enjoy with your dear and near.

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