The Sun will enter Aries this week. This mighty planet is influencing this house along with Mercury and Venus. This will trigger your 6th house of Work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets. This is a very crucial time for your work and health. You will find a new project or you may think about a new job. You will find what you lack in the relationship with your colleagues. It can even be some concerns. Your health-related issues can also get prominence. This is a good time to start a new diet. You may have extra responsibilities at work.

Venus, the planet of money, luxury and love is slowing down in this house, It is all set to travel back into Pisces during the 1st week of April. This is asking you to be in control of your emotions. This house is a complex house as it primarily deals with emotional struggles or those matters which can directly hit your emotional pressures. It can be issues with your colleagues or lower employees, it can be your financial burdens, it can be work pressure or it can even be your health. You should not ignore any of these issues. You should approach this time as the best time to research and prepare strategies in a long term perspective.

Mercury, the planet of technology, intellect, communication and logic is also in this very same house It is forcing you to do short projects. Most of them will be connected to technology, communication, and logic. You will research on health tips. There can be team discussions with your colleagues.

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