The December 4th week Scorpio weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

The 2nd house of money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets is completely active by a group of planets. This activation will increase by a powerful new moon during this week. New moon means new beginnings. This will bring new hopes regarding your financial status. You will try for new business projects. Discussion for a part-time job is also seen. There will be serious discussions with your family.

This house also shows career. You will have additional responsibilities at work. Your bosses may give you more information. You may have to upgrade your skills. You can have minor health issues too. This is not a good time to spend. Please practice cost cutting so that you can be financially stable.

The Sun will move into the 3rd house of multi-tasking. This house represents short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. When the Sun moves into this house, you will see a lot of opportunities to work with your hands. Your siblings will be active with you. You will have to interfere with their life.

Short trips and a lot of communications will be a part of your work. This is a good time for doing short-term projects. You will have a lot of work with your communication skills. Please try to be careful with your electronic data. You may try to buy an electronic device.

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