The Sun will enter the air sign Aquarius on 19th and it is shining on your 10th house of social status, honor, bosses, parents, and career. It is the planet of ultimate purity and wherever it goes, it will try to purify the matters of that house. Now, the Sun is showing you what measures you should adopt to improve your social status. The 10th house, of course, is the house of career, but it also shows what you should do to improve your career and social status. Your bosses may have a say in this. You will get the reward for your hard work and dedication. You will get a new idea to improve your work. Some of you may even think about a new job. This is the time to put extra effort in making yourself productive. There will be serious discussions with your bosses.

Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, technology, and media is casting its spell on Capricorn and this is your 9th house of higher studies, foreign relations, spirituality, philosophy, foreign travels, writing, publishing, and teaching. You must do a lot in the sector related to studies and communication. You may get an opportunity for career development training. You may go for teaching or you will start learning a new subject. There can be close interaction with people from far places. Chances for long travels are also seen. This is a good time for writers and publishers too.

Mars and Venus are conspiring for your 11th house. They both are examining the 11th house of friendships, long term associations, youth groups, collective projects, hopes, and gains. You are busy with discussion for some long-term associations. There can be activities with children and youth groups as well. You must use this opportunity very wisely and carefully. Please think which long-term association is suitable and profitable for you. You may get an opportunity to join new groups or you may get new friends. This is a good time for singles to mingle as well. You may even get a chance to go for entertainment program too.

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