The November 4th week Taurus weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

the Sun Will Move Into The Sign Of Sagittarius And You Will Be Forced Be A Spiritualist. This Move Will Trigger Your 8th House Of Sex, Crisis, Investments, Finances, Taxes, Insurances, Partnerships And Loans. So, You Will Have To Be Very Careful While Dealing With Your Finances. The 8th House Is Kind Of A Negative House And It Represents Complex Subjects Like Mysticism, Finances And Emotional Struggles.

the Sun Is A Spiritual Planet And It Throws Light On Every Issue Related To The Matters Of The 8th House. You Will Be Very Much Aware Of Your Financial Status. This Is Time To Rearrange Your Financial Plans. Opportunities For Financial Aid Are Seen. You May Try To Settle Tax And Insurance-related Issues. There Are New Plans For Joint Assets. You Will Be Focusing On Your Inheritances. Shared Projects Are Also Seen.

your Partnerships Are Also Activated. This House Deals With Emotional Relationships. There Can Be Some Stress Related To These Relationships. You Will Have To Be Careful With Your Partners. When Sun Moves Through This House, There Will Some Hurdles In The Happiness From These Relationships. Please Try To Be Flexible And Realistic In The Relationships. You Must Respect Others’ View And This Is Not A Great Time Impose Your Ideas On Them.

mercury And Saturn Are Also Moving Through This House. You Should Understand That This Is A Complex Time And You Should Be Ready To Accept Your Flaws. Mercury Indicates Communication And Logical Analysis And Since Mercury Is Associating With The Harsh Planet Saturn, You May Become Too Blunt And This Should Not Make You Unhappy.

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