The Sun will enter Aries this week. This mighty planet is influencing this house along with Mercury and Venus. This will trigger your 12th house of Hidden fears, emotions. Psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity. This house deals with emotional struggles. The Sun is here in this house with the duty to show you what your emotional struggles are. You may closely meet with your emotional struggles and it can even trigger physical distress. You may try to take a step back and try to view everything in a spiritual perspective. This is a great time to submit your worries with the divine force. Let them deal with it. More prayer, more meditation, interest for spiritual pursuits are seen. Some of you may go for spiritual pursuits

Venus, the planet of love, money, and comforts is retrograding in this same house. When Venus transit this house, you can have issues in expressing your romantic nature. You may have memories of your past. This may not be a great time to start a new romantic venture. Your old pals can come with an intention to know your status. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, media, and intellect is also in this house. You may be busy with your research works. You will plan for your future and analyze which plan will be ideal for you.

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