The February 4th week Taurus weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

The Sun will move into the sector for profits and gains. Mercury and Venus are also moving through this sector. Your profits and gains are much depended on your long-term relations and group settings. This is a time to be clear regarding your group settings and collective projects.

During the last few days, you are much focused on bringing new people into your team. There are visible changes in your team projects. The chances for new team ventures are alive. From this week onwards, there will be a lot of clarity on your team ventures. You will become very realistic regarding the nature of these projects. New long-term venture can come up. Some team members can have a different opinion. Please avoid arguments; otherwise, it may distract you.

Creative projects are also seen. You may even try to work independently, and this is a good time to make few plans for your own ventures. Team activity will come up. You may take part in social events as well. Projects from domain related to scientific and technical communication are also seen. You will work with children and youth groups.

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