The December 3rd week Taurus weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

You are going through some transformations. Your 8th house of emotional issues and finances are highly triggered by a cluster of planets. Among these planets, Mercury, the planet of communication and logical analysis, is in a slowdown mode. During this retrogression time, you should be very careful with your partnership ventures. This house represents ups and downs. So, better you be careful with your partners and their response. Your speech can be little aggressive or in a complex manner. Please make everything in a simple manner. Otherwise, others will have a tough time in understanding your views.

Please try to work on the existing projects. Don’t try to bring any massive changes in any of your existing projects, instead do a good research on how to improve them. You must study the options to take a part-time project so that you can try to start a new project after Mercury start its direct mode. You will have a zeal to know more about mystical sciences.

Mars, the planet for the fighting spirit is moving through the zone for personal and professional relationships. Mars is the planet of aggression and of a free nature. You may have concerns regarding your partnerships. You are requested to be flexible with your partners and avoid being over expressive. Your partners will have different ideas. This is a good time to bring some balance to the relationships.

Your career related wishes are also in a heavy mode. Try to look for more projects and work towards it. Present yourself as an enthusiast, but it should not offend others. Your bosses may share some new information with you. New agreements are at your doorstep.

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