The 7th house of spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies is highly activated now. The Sun is in that house and Mercury will join Sun during this weekend. You will try to find new partners. You want to improve your relationships. This is a time where you expecting others to understand you and waiting for their responses.

During the weekend, Mercury will also come in and this will trigger more opportunities for one to one meeting sessions. You want new agreements and contracts to come up. This is a good time to sow new seeds where you can reap later.

Mars and Venus are in the 8th house of sex, emotions, investments, finances, tax, insurance, joint assets, and loans. This is a crucial time for your partnerships and investments. Mars and Venus both are in fiery sign of Aries. There are chances for arguments with your partners. Mars can make you argumentative. Venus is here to sooth you, but you must be careful in expressing your views. You will discuss your financial matters with your partners. There can be projects with joint assets. This is a time to give or get a financial aid. You will settle issues with taxes and insurances as well.

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