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Sleep- one solution to many health problems

Sleep - that one thing we all hated as kids. Our strong objection to naps was followed by tantrums and loud wails. As we grew up, at least a few of us began to love a good sleep or a long nap on ou

DTP Vaccination

What is a DTP vaccine? DTP is a vaccine that is being administered to provide immunity against three different bacterial diseases namely, Diphtheria

Research findings in the field of Acupuncture

The pain relieving ability of acupuncture has long been in use in China. It has slowly moved towards the developing countries. The idea of sticking a needle into your body may seem to be a very squ

Acupuncture- What you need to know

What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is one of the earliest forms of healthcare in the world. Acupuncturists are trained professionals who are certified to perform acupunture. A

First aid for eye trauma

Eyes are the window to the world. Our life is reduced to darkness without the sight of our eyes. Riding the bike without a head gear can lead to dust or insects getting lodged in the eye. Or what a