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Essentials of caring for your newborn

Now that you finally have your new born all cute and cuddly in your arms, you may think that the hard bit is over. Carrying this little human safely within you for months and then finally giving bi

Stages of labour and helpful tips to ease recovery

Giving birth is no piece of cake. No wonder, it is called labour! Labour isn't half the bit glamorous as shown in movies and popular soap operas. And no, you don't give birth with a single push and

How bad is too much TV?

The TV is slowly but surely killing us The TV has been lovingly nicknamed as the idiot box for a reason. If a se

Contraception - must know facts

Complete guide to contraceptives Contraceptives. Perhaps the most confusing C-word. Choosing the most suited type of contraception from a plethora of options is a problem many individuals

Sleep-the undervalued elixir of life

Sleep-the undervalued elixir of life Sleep is a very undervalued thing in most of our lives. Oh sure, we know that 8 hours of sleep is crucial for an individual's optimum performance.

Your complete guide to liver diseases

Anatomy and positioning of the liver Being the largest internal organ in the body, the liver certainly does no small job. Anatomically it is located in the upper right side of the body jus

Weight loss - the good, bad and ugly facts

Weight loss- the good, bad and ugly facts Deciding to lose weight, is the first and foremost step to weight loss. You could have a lot of reasons that could motivate you to loose weight. A

Busting the top 20 pregnancy myths

Busting the top 20 pregnancy myths All mothers and to-be moms around the globe can agree to one thing. The moment people come to know that a woman is pregnant, she is bombarded with questi

Super Blue Blood moon-just made our day!

You read about it a few days back in the newspapers, heard about it from friends and thought to yourself, so what is so 'super' about this Super Blue Blood Moon. If you missed it, fret not! We've g

Let's talk creativity

Let’s talk creativity Creativity is a very much desired trait in people and companies actively look for creativ

E-cigarettes-boon or bane?

For some, smoking is not just a guilty pleasure or even a vice that they need to get rid off. It is very much a part of t

The art of eating insects

We've all come across travel videos of people trying out new foods. Some have resorted to tasting weird food like critter