How to stop bleeding?First Aid tips and essentials

The loss of blood from the blood vessels is bleeding. Minor bleeding is not dangerous but severe or continued bleeding may lead to collapse and death. It is important to know the first aid steps to

Non Surgical Treatments for Melanoma

Non-surgical Treatments  After the original melanoma lesion and any affected tissue are removed surgically, additional therapy, called adjuvant therapy, might

First Aid tips for all types of burns

A burn is caused when there is an injury to the tissues of the body caused by heat, chemicals, electric current or radiation. A research by the US university has indicated almost 500000 + cases eve

Devising a treatment plan for Melanoma

Your treatment options depend on the stage of melanoma, your overall health, and your preferences about treatment. In metastatic disease, the location and extent of the melanoma is also an importan

Manage melanoma with these ten tips

You can become a proactive participant in managing your melanoma. The ten tips can strengthen your sense of control, boost your feelings of hope, and enhance the quality of your life: 1.

Certain Myths and Facts about Eggs

With the coldest season of the year soon to knock your doors, it is the time to get your daily dosage of eggs.  Time and again, many types of research have proven that eggs are actually