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Price Range: ₹27.11 lakh - ₹2.63 crore

At present Audi offers 23 models in India and they are Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi Q5, Audi Q7, Audi A8, Audi R8 and Audi TT. The Ex-showroom price of Audi cars in India starts from Rs.2710500 for the A4 model to over Rs. 26296000 for the Audi R8 model. They have been assembling the A4 and the A6 at the Aurangabad plant since 2007. Recently, the Q5 was also added to the assembly line, thus making a total of three models that are assembled in India while the others are imported on demand.

At present Audi India has 68 dealers in 21 states. Get complete information on Audi car prices in India and also compare audi car prices and features with other cars.

About Audi

Cars from Audi Aktiengesellschaft, better known worldwide as Audi AG Germany, have been available in India since 2004. Entire cars had to be imported at that time due to the lack of an assembling facility in the country. Prices soared due to heavy import duty. Taking the growing interest in its cars as a sign, Audi decided to jump full-fledged into the Indian car market, using the Skoda Auto India Private Limited manufacturing facilities in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, thus giving birth to Audi India in March 2007 as a subsidiary of Volkswagen sales group. Audi AG had already been a majority (99.5%) owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG since 1966.

Discontinued Models: A3 [2014 - 2017] , A4 [2013 - 2016] , A6 [2011 - 2015] , A7 [2011 - 2015] , Q3 [2014 - 2015] , Q3 [2015 - 2017] , Q5 [2013 - 2017] , Q7 [2006 - 2015] , RS 5 [2013 - 2016] , S5 [2015 - 2017] Show All