This page gives information about all the 48 Allahabad Bank branches in Bahraich district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Allahabad Bank in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh.

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Bahraich

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. ALLA0210854 Wrong? Babaganj Branch 242327 Wrong?
2. ALLA0210238 Wrong? Bahraich Branch 232038 Wrong?
3. ALLA0212778 Wrong? Balbhaddarpur Branch Wrong?
4. ALLA0211668 Wrong? Bargadhi Branch 275644 Wrong?
5. ALLA0210676 Wrong? Barnapur Branch 252201 Wrong?
6. ALLA0211368 Wrong? Bhawaniapur Ramgarhi Branch 233829 Wrong?
7. ALLA0212971 Wrong? Boundi Branch Wrong?
8. ALLA0211091 Wrong? Bubkapur Marocha Branch 271141 Wrong?
9. ALLA0213124 Wrong? Chhavni Bazaar Branch Wrong?
10. ALLA0212972 Wrong? Chilwariya Branch Wrong?
11. ALLA0210824 Wrong? Chittaura Branch 232009 Wrong?
12. ALLA0213327 Wrong? Civil Lines Branch 236534 Wrong?
13. ALLA0211700 Wrong? Dayali Branch 244284 Wrong?
14. ALLA0211645 Wrong? Dhanuhi Branch Wrong?
15. ALLA0210268 Wrong? Fakharpur Branch 224132 Wrong?
16. ALLA0210344 Wrong? Gilaula Branch 241229 Wrong?
17. ALLA0211854 Wrong? Gopia Branch 244452 Wrong?
18. ALLA0212974 Wrong? Gopia Branch Wrong?
19. ALLA0211660 Wrong? Gukulsingh Purwe Branch 222518 Wrong?
20. ALLA0211647 Wrong? Gurgutta Branch 233830 Wrong?
21. ALLA0211650 Wrong? Hariharpur Rani Branch 272835 Wrong?
22. ALLA0211367 Wrong? Hempur Branch 272181 Wrong?
23. ALLA0212969 Wrong? Huzoorpur Branch Wrong?
24. ALLA0210729 Wrong? Imamganj Branch 241277 Wrong?
25. ALLA0210837 Wrong? Jarwal Kasba Branch 222340 Wrong?
26. ALLA0210109 Wrong? Kaiserganj Branch 254002 Wrong?
27. ALLA0210859 Wrong? Khajuri Branch 220612 Wrong?
28. ALLA0211669 Wrong? Kotwa Branch 233668 Wrong?
29. ALLA0210607 Wrong? Mahrajganj Branch 272610 Wrong?
30. ALLA0210358 Wrong? Malhipur Branch 245128 Wrong?
31. ALLA0210267 Wrong? Matera Branch 274436 Wrong?
32. ALLA0211654 Wrong? Matera Kalan Branch 241454 Wrong?
33. ALLA0211366 Wrong? Mehru Murtiha Branch 246158 Wrong?
34. ALLA0211128 Wrong? Nandwal Branch 224555 Wrong?
35. ALLA0211165 Wrong? Nanpara Branch 232088 Wrong?
36. ALLA0210855 Wrong? Nawabganj Branch 262227 Wrong?
37. ALLA0213125 Wrong? Nazirpura Branch Wrong?
38. ALLA0212973 Wrong? Parcendy Branch Wrong?
39. ALLA0211369 Wrong? Rampur Dhobia Branch 229117 Wrong?
40. ALLA0210424 Wrong? Risia Branch 222231 Wrong?
41. ALLA0210777 Wrong? Salarpur Branch 232938 Wrong?
42. ALLA0211687 Wrong? Sangramganj Branch 274844 Wrong?
43. ALLA0211370 Wrong? Semgarha Branch Wrong?
44. ALLA0211869 Wrong? Semrichak Pihani Branch Wrong?
45. ALLA0211670 Wrong? Shivpur Lalpur Branch 274844 Wrong?
46. ALLA0210673 Wrong? Sirsiya Branch 271229 Wrong?
47. ALLA0211090 Wrong? Sujauli Branch 225083 Wrong?
48. ALLA0212293 Wrong? Vikas Bhawan Branch 238648 Wrong?

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