Allahabad Bank Gonda Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 69 Allahabad Bank branches in Gonda district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Allahabad Bank in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Gonda

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. ALLA0211443 Wrong? Achalpur Chaudhary Branch 05265-232957 Wrong?
1. ALLA0210846 Wrong? Aryanagar Branch 05262-271355 Wrong?
2. ALLA0210699 Wrong? Babhanjot Branch 05265-236580 Wrong?
3. ALLA0212996 Wrong? Babhnan Branch 05262 7525007142 Wrong?
4. ALLA0211856 Wrong? Baijalpur Branch 05260-250350 Wrong?
5. ALLA0210702 Wrong? Balpur Branch 05261-248306 Wrong?
6. ALLA0211188 Wrong? Bhagwanpur Branch 05263-235370 Wrong?
7. ALLA0211398 Wrong? Bishunpur Beriya Branch 05262-240006 Wrong?
8. ALLA0211557 Wrong? Chandapur Branch Wrong?
9. ALLA0211684 Wrong? Chanddipghat Branch Wrong?
10. ALLA0212945 Wrong? Chowk Branch Wrong?
11. ALLA0212946 Wrong? Chunginaka Branch Wrong?
12. ALLA0212529 Wrong? Collectorate Ext. Counter Branch Wrong?
13. ALLA0210314 Wrong? Colonelganj Branch 05261-244341 Wrong?
14. ALLA0211480 Wrong? Daulatpur Branch Wrong?
15. ALLA0211506 Wrong? Debtaha Branch 05262-250053 Wrong?
16. ALLA0210357 Wrong? Dhaneypur Branch 05262-270335 Wrong?
17. ALLA0211611 Wrong? Dhaurharaghat Branch 05260-240224 Wrong?
18. ALLA0212995 Wrong? Diwakar Nagar Branch 05262 7052071754 Wrong?
19. ALLA0211225 Wrong? Dulhapur Branch Wrong?
20. ALLA0211853 Wrong? Dumariadeeh Branch 05060-278309 Wrong?
21. ALLA0211479 Wrong? Etai Rampur Branch 05265-256255 Wrong?
22. ALLA0210642 Wrong? Gainsari Branch 05264-222118 Wrong?
23. ALLA0211607 Wrong? Goddopur Branch Wrong?
24. ALLA0210237 Wrong? Gonda Branch 05262-232765 Wrong?
25. ALLA0211010 Wrong? Gonda K U M Samity Branch 05262-290394 Wrong?
26. ALLA0211608 Wrong? Gwalior Granth Branch 05265-222627 Wrong?
27. ALLA0210828 Wrong? Haldharmau Branch Wrong?
28. ALLA0211852 Wrong? Hariharganj Branch 05263-233327 Wrong?
29. ALLA0210660 Wrong? Hariya Sat Gharwa Branch 05263-222066 Wrong?
30. ALLA0211855 Wrong? Imilia Branch 05265-252169 Wrong?
31. ALLA0210287 Wrong? Itiyathoke Branch 05262-272324 Wrong?
32. ALLA0211522 Wrong? Jamthara Branch 05262-271668 Wrong?
33. ALLA0210867 Wrong? Janki Nagar Branch 05262-250026 Wrong?
34. ALLA0210978 Wrong? Jhilahi Branch 05265-242602 Wrong?
35. ALLA0211631 Wrong? Kandela Branch Wrong?
36. ALLA0211217 Wrong? Kathauwa Branch 05265-235662 Wrong?
37. ALLA0210610 Wrong? Katra Bazar Branch 05261-262466 Wrong?
38. ALLA0211205 Wrong? Katuwanala Branch Wrong?
39. ALLA0212949 Wrong? Khardauri Branch 05265 7890593861 Wrong?
40. ALLA0210382 Wrong? Khargupur Branch 05262-252328 Wrong?
41. ALLA0211514 Wrong? Kutubgang Branch 05262-242504 Wrong?
42. ALLA0211632 Wrong? Laukhava Branch 05264-244299 Wrong?
43. ALLA0211397 Wrong? Maijapur Branch Wrong?
44. ALLA0211238 Wrong? Malda Branch 05264-262641 Wrong?
45. ALLA0211612 Wrong? Manhana Branch 05260-254120 Wrong?
46. ALLA0211026 Wrong? Mankapur Branch 05265-230053 Wrong?
47. ALLA0210417 Wrong? Maskanwa Branch 05265-235226 Wrong?
48. ALLA0211224 Wrong? Matwaria Branch 05262-241243 Wrong?
49. ALLA0210385 Wrong? Pachperwa Branch 05264-262403 Wrong?
50. ALLA0210399 Wrong? Paraspur Branch 05261-253311 Wrong?
51. ALLA0210652 Wrong? Ragarganj Branch 05260-276324 Wrong?
52. ALLA0211237 Wrong? Ramnagar Branch 05263-271056 Wrong?
53. ALLA0211197 Wrong? Rampur Arna Branch 05265-233092 Wrong?
54. ALLA0212260 Wrong? Ranibazar Branch 05262-229583 Wrong?
55. ALLA0211196 Wrong? Ranipur Branch 05260-258092 Wrong?
56. ALLA0210818 Wrong? Rehra Bazar Branch 05265-222227 Wrong?
57. ALLA0211441 Wrong? Sadashiv Branch 05262-254166 Wrong?
58. ALLA0210458 Wrong? Sadullanagar Branch 05265-232227 Wrong?
59. ALLA0211556 Wrong? Shahpur Dhanwa Branch 05261-267463 Wrong?
60. ALLA0211216 Wrong? Shitalaganj Branch 05265-235868 Wrong?
61. ALLA0210107 Wrong? Tarabganj Branch 05260-255216 Wrong?
62. ALLA0211206 Wrong? Tilka Branch 05261-262720 Wrong?
63. ALLA0210283 Wrong? Tulsipur Branch 05264-244449 Wrong?
64. ALLA0211192 Wrong? Turkadiha Branch Wrong?
65. ALLA0212947 Wrong? Umari Begumganj Branch 05262 7752966452 Wrong?
66. ALLA0210768 Wrong? Utraula Branch 05265-253197 Wrong?
67. ALLA0212499 Wrong? Vikas Bhawan Gonda Branch Wrong?
68. ALLA0210288 Wrong? Wazirganj Branch 05260-246124 Wrong?

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