This page gives information about all the 114 Allahabad Bank branches in Lakhimpur Kheri district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Allahabad Bank in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh.

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Lakhimpur Kheri

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. ALLA0210903 Wrong? Aliganj Branch 05870-249430 Wrong?
2. ALLA0211092 Wrong? Alinagar Branch 05875-248207 Wrong?
3. ALLA0AU1448 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-abhayapur Branch Wrong?
4. ALLA0AU1442 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-ajan Branch Wrong?
5. ALLA0AU1445 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-amir Nagar Branch Wrong?
6. ALLA0AU1483 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-andesh Nagar Branch Wrong?
7. ALLA0AU1438 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-balamia Bharkhar Branch Wrong?
8. ALLA0AU1458 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-bamnagar Branch Wrong?
9. ALLA0AU1481 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-behjam Branch Wrong?
10. ALLA0AU1439 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-bhanpur Branch Wrong?
11. ALLA0AU1453 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-bheekhampur Branch Wrong?
12. ALLA0AU1486 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-bheera Road Branch Wrong?
13. ALLA0AU1471 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-gaura Branch Wrong?
14. ALLA0AU1440 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-gulaula Branch Wrong?
15. ALLA0AU1443 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-hasanpur Katauli Branch Wrong?
16. ALLA0AU1463 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-jat Purwa Branch Wrong?
17. ALLA0AU1479 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-kaimahara Branch Wrong?
18. ALLA0AU1484 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-lagucha Branch Wrong?
19. ALLA0AU1465 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-lakesar Branch Wrong?
20. ALLA0AU1472 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-madawa Branch Wrong?
21. ALLA0AU1482 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mahewa Ganj Branch Wrong?
22. ALLA0AU1473 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-maigalganj Branch Wrong?
23. ALLA0AU1478 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mela Maidan Branch Wrong?
24. ALLA0AU1487 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mill Ward Branch Wrong?
25. ALLA0AU1477 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mitauli Branch Wrong?
26. ALLA0AU1437 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mooda-sawaran Branch Wrong?
27. ALLA0AU1466 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-moti Pur Branch Wrong?
28. ALLA0AU1446 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mudia Khurd Branch Wrong?
29. ALLA0AU1475 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-nakaha Pipri Branch Wrong?
30. ALLA0AU1456 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-naugawan Branch Wrong?
31. ALLA0AU1480 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-neem Gaon Branch Wrong?
32. ALLA0AU1476 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-oel Branch Wrong?
33. ALLA0AU1460 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-padaria Branch Wrong?
34. ALLA0AU1462 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-patarasi Branch Wrong?
35. ALLA0AU1464 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-raipur Branch Wrong?
36. ALLA0AU1451 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-rakehati Branch Wrong?
37. ALLA0AU1459 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-rama Pur Branch Wrong?
38. ALLA0AU1434 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-rosan Nagar Branch Wrong?
39. ALLA0AU1461 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-saida Pur Branch Wrong?
40. ALLA0AU1436 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-sansarpur Branch Wrong?
41. ALLA0AU1470 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-sarsawa Branch Wrong?
42. ALLA0AU1441 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-sisaura Nasir Branch Wrong?
43. ALLA0AU1444 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-sisaya Kalan Branch Wrong?
44. ALLA0AU1452 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-suthna Barsola Branch Wrong?
45. ALLA0AU1457 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-trikolia Branch Wrong?
46. ALLA0AU1435 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-uchaulia Branch Wrong?
47. ALLA0AU1433 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin Bank Branch Wrong?
48. ALLA0AU1562 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-bela Parsua Branch Wrong?
49. ALLA0AU1520 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-beni Rajapur Branch Wrong?
50. ALLA0AU1561 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-bhallia Bujurg Branch Wrong?
51. ALLA0AU1549 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-darery Branch Wrong?
52. ALLA0AU1447 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-dhakerwa Branch Wrong?
53. ALLA0AU1551 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-dhakherwa Nankar Branch Wrong?
54. ALLA0AU1455 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-dhaurahra Branch Wrong?
55. ALLA0AU1467 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-gola Branch Wrong?
56. ALLA0AU1454 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-khamaria Branch Wrong?
57. ALLA0AU1474 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-lrp Road Branch Wrong?
58. ALLA0AU1518 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-ludhauri Branch Wrong?
59. ALLA0AU1469 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mohammadi Branch Wrong?
60. ALLA0AU1519 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-moodagalib Branch Wrong?
61. ALLA0AU1450 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-mullapur Branch Wrong?
62. ALLA0AU1449 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-nighasan Branch Wrong?
63. ALLA0AU1468 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-palia Kalan Branch Wrong?
64. ALLA0AU1550 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-rampur Grant No 18 Branch Wrong?
65. ALLA0AU1517 Wrong? Allahabad Up Gramin-sujanpur Branch Wrong?
66. ALLA0211093 Wrong? Amritaganj Branch Wrong?
67. ALLA0211434 Wrong? Atkhona Branch 05872-221406 Wrong?
68. ALLA0210896 Wrong? Aurangabad Branch 05875-241623 Wrong?
69. ALLA0212216 Wrong? Bankeyganj Branch 05870-283444 Wrong?
70. ALLA0210838 Wrong? Barwar Branch 05875-241425 Wrong?
71. ALLA0210341 Wrong? Behjam Branch 05872-224246 Wrong?
72. ALLA0210751 Wrong? Belrayan Branch 05873-276208 Wrong?
73. ALLA0210491 Wrong? Bheera Branch 05870-247227 Wrong?
74. ALLA0210827 Wrong? Bijua Branch 05870-284387 Wrong?
75. ALLA0212665 Wrong? Chhedui Patia Branch Wrong?
76. ALLA0210700 Wrong? Dhakerwa Chauraha Branch 05874-280320 Wrong?
77. ALLA0210526 Wrong? Dhaurahara Kalan Branch 05774-244007 Wrong?
78. ALLA0210336 Wrong? Gola Gokaran Nath Branch 05876-233523 Wrong?
79. ALLA0212666 Wrong? Inayat Chief Grant Branch Wrong?
80. ALLA0210762 Wrong? Isanagar Branch 05874-281222 Wrong?
81. ALLA0211004 Wrong? J.B. Ganj Branch 05875-240007 Wrong?
82. ALLA0211393 Wrong? Kakaraha Branch Wrong?
83. ALLA0211099 Wrong? Kalaam Branch 05872-228288 Wrong?
84. ALLA0210273 Wrong? Khamaria Pandit Branch 05874-282096 Wrong?
85. ALLA0212664 Wrong? Khamhaul Branch Wrong?
86. ALLA0211500 Wrong? Kharwahiya Branch Wrong?
87. ALLA0210113 Wrong? Kheri-town Branch 05872-253406 Wrong?
88. ALLA0211469 Wrong? Kukra Branch 05870-286444 Wrong?
89. ALLA0210285 Wrong? Lakhimpur Branch 05872-255501 Wrong?
90. ALLA0212842 Wrong? Lrp, Chauraha, Lakhimpur Branch Wrong?
91. ALLA0210976 Wrong? Mahewaganj Branch 05872-266367 Wrong?
92. ALLA0210269 Wrong? Maigalganj Branch 05875-245363 Wrong?
93. ALLA0210663 Wrong? Mailani Branch 05870-285023 Wrong?
94. ALLA0211100 Wrong? Mamari Branch 05876-240207 Wrong?
95. ALLA0210596 Wrong? Mitauli Branch 05875-287424 Wrong?
96. ALLA0210906 Wrong? Mohammadi Branch 05876-222479 Wrong?
97. ALLA0211638 Wrong? Mohmadpur Kalan Branch Wrong?
98. ALLA0212914 Wrong? Mudan Buzurg Branch 08808566301, 09450226091 Wrong?
99. ALLA0212787 Wrong? Multanpur Grant Branch Wrong?
100. ALLA0210825 Wrong? Nakaha Branch 05872-221276 Wrong?
101. ALLA0210114 Wrong? Nighasan Branch 05873-263237 Wrong?
102. ALLA0210340 Wrong? Oel Branch 05872-227255 Wrong?
103. ALLA0210115 Wrong? Palia Kalan Branch 05871-233350 Wrong?
104. ALLA0210830 Wrong? Pasgawan Branch 05875-241032 Wrong?
105. ALLA0210961 Wrong? Phardhan Branch 05872-222328 Wrong?
106. ALLA0210670 Wrong? Phool Behar Branch 05872-226340 Wrong?
107. ALLA0212786 Wrong? Ramia Behar Branch Wrong?
108. ALLA0211577 Wrong? Rudrapur Branch Wrong?
109. ALLA0210240 Wrong? Sampurna Nagar Branch 05871-222258 Wrong?
110. ALLA0210735 Wrong? Sharda Nagar Branch 05872-220216 Wrong?
111. ALLA0210608 Wrong? Singahi Branch 05873-272007 Wrong?
112. ALLA0211019 Wrong? Sunderwal Branch 05872-225010 Wrong?
113. ALLA0210847 Wrong? Tikonia Branch 05873-274060 Wrong?
114. ALLA0212509 Wrong? Vikas Bhawan Branch Wrong?

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