Allahabad Bank Kolkata Branch IFSC Code, details

This page gives information about all the 153 Allahabad Bank branches in Kolkata district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Allahabad Bank in Kolkata, West Bengal.

List of Allahabad Bank branches in Kolkata

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
0. ALLA0210022 Wrong? Alipore ,kolkata Branch Wrong?
1. ALLA0211257 Wrong? Aswini-dutta Road Branch Wrong?
2. ALLA0210598 Wrong? Bagh Bazar Branch 033-25553595 Wrong?
3. ALLA0212180 Wrong? Baguiati Branch 033-25767624 Wrong?
4. ALLA0211712 Wrong? Ballygunje Branch Wrong?
5. ALLA0211340 Wrong? Baranagar Tobin Rd Branch 033-25776518 Wrong?
6. ALLA0211847 Wrong? Beniapukur Branch Wrong?
7. ALLA0210361 Wrong? Birati Branch 033-25144620 Wrong?
8. ALLA0211768 Wrong? Boral Branch Wrong?
9. ALLA0210406 Wrong? Bow Bazar Street Branch 033-22416365 Wrong?
10. ALLA0210301 Wrong? Budge Budge Branch Wrong?
11. ALLA0210033 Wrong? Burrabazar, Kolkata Branch 033-22686288 Wrong?
12. ALLA0211218 Wrong? Central Park Branch Wrong?
13. ALLA0210325 Wrong? Chakraberia , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
14. ALLA0211785 Wrong? Chetla Branch Wrong?
15. ALLA0211293 Wrong? Chingripota Branch Wrong?
16. ALLA0211713 Wrong? College Square Branch 033-22410261 Wrong?
17. ALLA0210029 Wrong? College Street Branch 033-22410595 Wrong?
18. ALLA0212587 Wrong? Command Hospital Branch 033-32625768 Wrong?
19. ALLA0211722 Wrong? D.H.Road Branch Wrong?
20. ALLA0211678 Wrong? Dakshin Boyergadi Branch 09531-262643 Wrong?
21. ALLA0211679 Wrong? Dariahat Branch 09532-250055 Wrong?
22. ALLA0211344 Wrong? Dhakuria Branch Wrong?
23. ALLA0211209 Wrong? Dhrubabazar Branch 09532-265532 Wrong?
24. ALLA0211536 Wrong? Dighir Par Bazar Branch 09531-240227 Wrong?
25. ALLA0211633 Wrong? Dolanghata Branch Wrong?
26. ALLA0210423 Wrong? Dum Dum Branch 033-25297338 Wrong?
27. ALLA0211726 Wrong? Dum Dum Cantonment Branch 033-25514607 Wrong?
28. ALLA0212265 Wrong? Dum Dum Park Branch 033-23219710 Wrong?
29. ALLA0210631 Wrong? Dunlop Bridge Branch 033-25770381 Wrong?
30. ALLA0211779 Wrong? Durganagar Branch 033-25662707 Wrong?
31. ALLA0211193 Wrong? Falta Branch 09531-225722 Wrong?
32. ALLA0212445 Wrong? Future Inst. Of Eng. & Management Branch Wrong?
33. ALLA0210037 Wrong? Gariahat , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
34. ALLA0210914 Wrong? Gauri Bere Branch 033-23502822 Wrong?
35. ALLA0211845 Wrong? Ghatakpukur Branch 09532-270081 Wrong?
36. ALLA0211766 Wrong? Gobindapur Branch Wrong?
37. ALLA0212249 Wrong? Golf Garden Branch Wrong?
38. ALLA0211208 Wrong? Gurudaspur Branch 09531-214091 Wrong?
39. ALLA0210300 Wrong? Harish Mukherjee Road Branch Wrong?
40. ALLA0211918 Wrong? Hatiara Branch 033-25728627 Wrong?
41. ALLA0210991 Wrong? Hatuganj Branch 09531-235787 Wrong?
42. ALLA0210032 Wrong? Head Office Branch 0332231914, 033-22420994 Wrong?
43. ALLA0210362 Wrong? Hridaypur Branch 033-25523669 Wrong?
44. ALLA0211501 Wrong? Industrial Finance ,kolkata Branch Wrong?
45. ALLA0211154 Wrong? International ,kolkata Branch Wrong?
46. ALLA0211575 Wrong? Jumai Naskarhat Branch 09531-213038 Wrong?
47. ALLA0212272 Wrong? Kakdwip Branch 09532-255399 Wrong?
48. ALLA0211778 Wrong? Kalikapur Branch 09532-260423 Wrong?
49. ALLA0210684 Wrong? Kamarhatty Branch 033-25440068 Wrong?
50. ALLA0211637 Wrong? Kanchuberia Branch 09531-266724 Wrong?
51. ALLA0210024 Wrong? Kasba Branch 033-24054039 Wrong?
52. ALLA0211804 Wrong? Khalore Branch Wrong?
53. ALLA0210800 Wrong? Khila Branch 03214-250392 Wrong?
54. ALLA0210737 Wrong? Kolkata Arabinda Sarani Branch 033-25558084 Wrong?
55. ALLA0211742 Wrong? Kolkata B B Chaterjee Street Branch Wrong?
56. ALLA0211707 Wrong? Kolkata B. B.Avenue Branch 033-25553303 Wrong?
57. ALLA0210025 Wrong? Kolkata B. K. Pal Avenue Branch 033-25307911 Wrong?
58. ALLA0210841 Wrong? Kolkata Barisa Branch Wrong?
59. ALLA0211705 Wrong? Kolkata Beadon Street Branch 033-25558248 Wrong?
60. ALLA0210028 Wrong? Kolkata Beliaghata Branch 033-23630142 Wrong?
61. ALLA0210023 Wrong? Kolkata Bhowanipore Branch Wrong?
62. ALLA0210036 Wrong? Kolkata Brabourne Road Branch 033-22358381 Wrong?
63. ALLA0211816 Wrong? Kolkata Camac Street Branch Wrong?
64. ALLA0210027 Wrong? Kolkata Chittaranjan Avenue Branch 033-22357385 Wrong?
65. ALLA0210343 Wrong? Kolkata Chowringhee Branch Wrong?
66. ALLA0211115 Wrong? Kolkata Cossipore Branch 033-25574082 Wrong?
67. ALLA0210303 Wrong? Kolkata Dakshineswar Branch 033-25645057 Wrong?
68. ALLA0210030 Wrong? Kolkata Dharamtolla Street Branch 033-22378239 Wrong?
69. ALLA0210633 Wrong? Kolkata Elgin Road Branch Wrong?
70. ALLA0210331 Wrong? Kolkata Entally Branch 033-22897686 Wrong?
71. ALLA0210962 Wrong? Kolkata Garden Reach Branch Wrong?
72. ALLA0211703 Wrong? Kolkata Garia Branch Wrong?
73. ALLA0210675 Wrong? Kolkata Golpark Branch Wrong?
74. ALLA0211811 Wrong? Kolkata Gopal Lal Thakur Rd Branch 033-25774192 Wrong?
75. ALLA0211709 Wrong? Kolkata Grey Street Extn Branch 033-25559540 Wrong?
76. ALLA0210612 Wrong? Kolkata Hatibagan Branch 033-25546677 Wrong?
77. ALLA0211715 Wrong? Kolkata Hatkhola Branch 033-25308109 Wrong?
78. ALLA0210258 Wrong? Kolkata Hazra Road Branch Wrong?
79. ALLA0211708 Wrong? Kolkata J. L. Nehru Road Branch Wrong?
80. ALLA0211129 Wrong? Kolkata Jadavpur Branch Wrong?
81. ALLA0210034 Wrong? Kolkata Jodhpur Park Branch Wrong?
82. ALLA0210035 Wrong? Kolkata K.K.Tagore Street Branch 033-22590740 Wrong?
83. ALLA0211031 Wrong? Kolkata Kankurgachi Branch 033-23559019 Wrong?
84. ALLA0212446 Wrong? Kolkata Karl Marx Sarani Branch Wrong?
85. ALLA0210933 Wrong? Kolkata Kidderpore Branch Wrong?
86. ALLA0210279 Wrong? Kolkata Lake Gardens Branch Wrong?
87. ALLA0211258 Wrong? Kolkata Mukul Bose Branch Wrong?
88. ALLA0211836 Wrong? Kolkata P K Guha Road Branch 033-25119011 Wrong?
89. ALLA0210709 Wrong? Kolkata Paikpara Branch 033-25566421 Wrong?
90. ALLA0210422 Wrong? Kolkata Park Circus Branch Wrong?
91. ALLA0211791 Wrong? Kolkata Parnashree Pally Branch Wrong?
92. ALLA0211783 Wrong? Kolkata Posta Branch 033-22590470 Wrong?
93. ALLA0211753 Wrong? Kolkata Ritchie Road Branch Wrong?
94. ALLA0211829 Wrong? Kolkata Salt Lake City Branch 033-23374808 Wrong?
95. ALLA0211738 Wrong? Kolkata Santospur Branch Wrong?
96. ALLA0210614 Wrong? Kolkata Sealdah Branch 033-22270009 Wrong?
97. ALLA0210038 Wrong? Kolkata Shyambazar Branch 033-25554861 Wrong?
98. ALLA0210026 Wrong? Kolkata South Branch Wrong?
99. ALLA0211714 Wrong? Kolkata South Sinthi Branch 033-25574032 Wrong?
100. ALLA0211716 Wrong? Kolkata Strand Road Branch 033-22433279 Wrong?
101. ALLA0210280 Wrong? Kolkata Tollygunge Branch Wrong?
102. ALLA0210613 Wrong? Kolkata Ultadanga Branch 033-23558457 Wrong?
103. ALLA0210495 Wrong? Kolkata Wellesley Street Branch Wrong?
104. ALLA0211752 Wrong? Lake Town, Kolkata Branch 033-25340781 Wrong?
105. ALLA0211174 Wrong? Laskarpur Branch Wrong?
106. ALLA0211751 Wrong? Liluah Branch 033-26558719 Wrong?
107. ALLA0211734 Wrong? Madhyamgram Branch 033-25383687 Wrong?
108. ALLA0210031 Wrong? Main , Kolkata Branch Wrong?
109. ALLA0210698 Wrong? Makardah Branch 033-26707716 Wrong?
110. ALLA0211533 Wrong? Masat Branch 09531-250617 Wrong?
111. ALLA0211710 Wrong? Mission Row , Kolkata Branch 033-22484586 Wrong?
112. ALLA0211617 Wrong? Nabagram Branch 03214-274302 Wrong?
113. ALLA0211177 Wrong? Naktala Branch Wrong?
114. ALLA0211337 Wrong? Narayanpur Branch 09532-278361 Wrong?
115. ALLA0210324 Wrong? New Alipore,kolkata Branch Wrong?
116. ALLA0212491 Wrong? Niccopark & Resorts Branch Wrong?
117. ALLA0211173 Wrong? Nikarighatat Branch 09532-255206 Wrong?
118. ALLA0211336 Wrong? Nischintapur Branch Wrong?
119. ALLA0211780 Wrong? Osmanpur Branch 033-25532598 Wrong?
120. ALLA0210990 Wrong? Pancharaul Branch 03214-242671 Wrong?
121. ALLA0210278 Wrong? Park Street ,kolkata Branch Wrong?
122. ALLA0212269 Wrong? Patauli Branch Wrong?
123. ALLA0211446 Wrong? Pathankhali Branch 09532-214808 Wrong?
124. ALLA0212447 Wrong? R.N.Tagore Iics Branch Wrong?
125. ALLA0211728 Wrong? Rajbati Branch 033-25129258 Wrong?
126. ALLA0211294 Wrong? Rajibpur Branch Wrong?
127. ALLA0212276 Wrong? Ranihati Branch 033-26617966 Wrong?
128. ALLA0211772 Wrong? Ranikuthi Branch Wrong?
129. ALLA0210386 Wrong? Rash Behari Avenue Branch Wrong?
130. ALLA0211723 Wrong? Red Cross Place,kolkata Branch Wrong?
131. ALLA0211762 Wrong? Roynagar Bansdroni Branch Wrong?
132. ALLA0210354 Wrong? Sakuntala Park Branch Wrong?
133. ALLA0212268 Wrong? Salt Lake La Block Branch Wrong?
134. ALLA0212181 Wrong? Salt Lake Sector-iii Branch 033-23219710 Wrong?
135. ALLA0212557 Wrong? Sashan Branch Wrong?
136. ALLA0211384 Wrong? Shyambasur Chak Branch 09531-266244 Wrong?
137. ALLA0211739 Wrong? Sodepur Branch 033-25656315 Wrong?
138. ALLA0212220 Wrong? Sodepur Rashmoni More Branch 033-25237130 Wrong?
139. ALLA0210774 Wrong? Sonarpur Branch Wrong?
140. ALLA0210742 Wrong? South Bishnupur Branch 09532-220398 Wrong?
141. ALLA0210346 Wrong? Southern Avenue Branch Wrong?
142. ALLA0211913 Wrong? Ssifb ,kolkata Branch Wrong?
143. ALLA0210494 Wrong? Stephen House ,kolkata Branch Wrong?
144. ALLA0212845 Wrong? Subhash Nagar Dumdum Branch Wrong?
145. ALLA0210834 Wrong? Subuddhipur Branch Wrong?
146. ALLA0211578 Wrong? Tatirhat Branch 09531-266052 Wrong?
147. ALLA0211807 Wrong? Tentulberia Branch Wrong?
148. ALLA0212261 Wrong? Thakurpukur Branch 033-24073619 Wrong?
149. ALLA0211757 Wrong? Udayrajpur Branch 033-25383503, 25383592 Wrong?
150. ALLA0210692 Wrong? Usthi Branch 09531-250206 Wrong?
151. ALLA0211335 Wrong? Uttar Raipur Branch Wrong?
152. ALLA0210655 Wrong? Vidyanagar Branch Wrong?

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