Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 218 branches in Guntur district. The table below shows Andhra Bank Guntur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Andhra Bank Guntur branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Andhra Bank branches in Guntur

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. ANDB0001185 Wrong? Agricultural Collage Branch Wrong?
2. ANDB0001252 Wrong? Agricultural Market Branch Wrong?
3. ANDB0CG7097 Wrong? Allurivaripalem Branch Wrong?
4. ANDB0000009 Wrong? Amaravathi Branch Wrong?
5. ANDB0CG7096 Wrong? Amaravathi Branch Wrong?
6. ANDB0000715 Wrong? Amaravati ( Ms ) Branch Wrong?
7. ANDB0000010 Wrong? Amrathalur Branch Wrong?
8. ANDB0000722 Wrong? Ananthavaram Branch Wrong?
9. ANDB0000721 Wrong? Appikatla Branch Wrong?
10. ANDB0000015 Wrong? Arundelpet Branch Wrong?
11. ANDB0001569 Wrong? At Agraharam Branch Wrong?
12. ANDB0001921 Wrong? Atchampet Branch Wrong?
13. ANDB0002114 Wrong? Autonagar Branch 2355998 Wrong?
14. ANDB0000037 Wrong? Bapatla Branch Wrong?
15. ANDB0CG7098 Wrong? Bellamkonda Branch Wrong?
16. ANDB0000044 Wrong? Bhattiprole Branch Wrong?
17. ANDB0000243 Wrong? Bhrugubanda Branch Wrong?
18. ANDB0000739 Wrong? Brahmanakoduru Branch Wrong?
19. ANDB0001359 Wrong? Brindavan Gardens Branch Wrong?
20. ANDB0000052 Wrong? Brodipet Branch Wrong?
21. ANDB0001929 Wrong? Bus Station Area Sattenapalli Branch Wrong?
22. ANDB0CG7031 Wrong? Cggb Branch 233554 Wrong?
23. ANDB0CG7018 Wrong? Cggb Adavuladeevi Branch 276131 Wrong?
24. ANDB0CG7003 Wrong? Cggb Adigoppula Branch 256830 Wrong?
25. ANDB0CG7092 Wrong? Cggb Ananthavaram Branch 281101 Wrong?
26. ANDB0CG7705 Wrong? CGGB Ananthavarappadu Branch Wrong?
27. ANDB0CG7004 Wrong? Cggb Atchempeta Branch 246020 Wrong?
28. ANDB0CG7082 Wrong? Cggb Atmakuru Branch 236755 Wrong?
29. ANDB0CG7040 Wrong? Cggb Attaluru Branch 254201 Wrong?
30. ANDB0CG7044 Wrong? Cggb Bapatla Branch 224152 Wrong?
31. ANDB0CG7062 Wrong? Cggb Bhattiprolu Branch 249000 Wrong?
32. ANDB0CG7078 Wrong? Cggb Brahmanapalli Branch 243333 Wrong?
33. ANDB0CG7085 Wrong? Cggb Charlagudipadu Branch 279019 Wrong?
34. ANDB0CG7058 Wrong? Cggb Chebrole Branch 254454 Wrong?
35. ANDB0CG7049 Wrong? Cggb Chilakaluripeta Branch 252041 Wrong?
36. ANDB0CG7084 Wrong? Cggb Chinaparimi Branch Wrong?
37. ANDB0CG7054 Wrong? Cggb Colloctorate Branch 230887 Wrong?
38. ANDB0CG7023 Wrong? Cggb Dachepalli Branch 257635 Wrong?
39. ANDB0CG7026 Wrong? Cggb Dodleru Branch 227375 Wrong?
40. ANDB0CG7017 Wrong? Cggb Donepudi Branch 273243 Wrong?
41. ANDB0CG7061 Wrong? Cggb Duggirala Branch 277145 Wrong?
42. ANDB0CG7069 Wrong? Cggb Edlapalli Branch 259952 Wrong?
43. ANDB0CG7010 Wrong? Cggb Etukuru Branch 225975 Wrong?
44. ANDB0CG7070 Wrong? Cggb Ganapavaram Branch 238400 Wrong?
45. ANDB0CG7073 Wrong? Cggb Gorantla Branch 222188 Wrong?
46. ANDB0CG7033 Wrong? Cggb Gundlapalli Branch 241584 Wrong?
47. ANDB0CGGBHO Wrong? Cggb Head Office Branch 2261125 Wrong?
48. ANDB0CG7077 Wrong? Cggb Janapadu Branch 253333 Wrong?
49. ANDB0CG7083 Wrong? Cggb Jangamaheswarapuram Branch 213005 Wrong?
50. ANDB0CG7055 Wrong? Cggb Jinnah Tower Branch 260055 Wrong?
51. ANDB0CG7067 Wrong? Cggb Kakumanu Branch 279179 Wrong?
52. ANDB0CG7012 Wrong? Cggb Kambhampadu Branch 252066 Wrong?
53. ANDB0CG7051 Wrong? Cggb Karempudi Branch 272395 Wrong?
54. ANDB0CG7052 Wrong? Cggb Karlapalem Branch 272400 Wrong?
55. ANDB0CG7009 Wrong? Cggb Komerapudi Branch 237558 Wrong?
56. ANDB0CG7008 Wrong? Cggb Kotcherla Branch 274755 Wrong?
57. ANDB0CG7043 Wrong? Cggb Kubadpuram Branch 254001 Wrong?
58. ANDB0CG7029 Wrong? Cggb Kunkalagunta Branch 249231 Wrong?
59. ANDB0CG7706 Wrong? CGGB Lanchester Road Guntur Branch Wrong?
60. ANDB0CG7046 Wrong? Cggb Macherla Branch 222487 Wrong?
61. ANDB0CG7047 Wrong? Cggb Mangalagiri Branch 232120 Wrong?
62. ANDB0CG7015 Wrong? Cggb Morjampadu Branch 242304 Wrong?
63. ANDB0CG7064 Wrong? Cggb Morrispet Branch 236641 Wrong?
64. ANDB0CG7028 Wrong? Cggb Mulakaluru Branch 218247 Wrong?
65. ANDB0CG7090 Wrong? Cggb Mulpuru Branch 252080 Wrong?
66. ANDB0CG7066 Wrong? Cggb Muppalla Branch 242200 Wrong?
67. ANDB0CG7021 Wrong? Cggb Murikipudi Branch 275043 Wrong?
68. ANDB0CG7020 Wrong? Cggb Mutukuru Branch 256977 Wrong?
69. ANDB0CG7056 Wrong? Cggb Nagaram Branch 256439 Wrong?
70. ANDB0CG7065 Wrong? Cggb Nalanda Extension Counter Branch 237335 Wrong?
71. ANDB0CG7094 Wrong? Cggb Namburu Branch 293388 Wrong?
72. ANDB0CG7079 Wrong? Cggb Nandigama Branch 241088 Wrong?
73. ANDB0CG7022 Wrong? Cggb Narasaraopet Branch 222202 Wrong?
74. ANDB0CG7053 Wrong? Cggb Nazerpet Branch 220725 Wrong?
75. ANDB0CG7081 Wrong? Cggb Nidamarru Branch 232381 Wrong?
76. ANDB0CG7050 Wrong? Cggb Nidubrolu Branch 246000 Wrong?
77. ANDB0CG7087 Wrong? Cggb Nudurupadu Branch 257097 Wrong?
78. ANDB0CG7019 Wrong? Cggb Oppicherla Branch 272306 Wrong?
79. ANDB0CG7074 Wrong? Cggb Pallekona Branch 226627 Wrong?
80. ANDB0CG7057 Wrong? Cggb Pedakakani Branch 556656 Wrong?
81. ANDB0CG7042 Wrong? Cggb Pedakodamagundla Branch 272181 Wrong?
82. ANDB0CG7063 Wrong? Cggb Pedanandipadu Branch 277166 Wrong?
83. ANDB0CG7080 Wrong? Cggb Pedapalakaluru Branch 245400 Wrong?
84. ANDB0CG7025 Wrong? Cggb Pedaparimi Branch 281028 Wrong?
85. ANDB0CG7076 Wrong? Cggb Pedaravuru Branch 227076 Wrong?
86. ANDB0CG7071 Wrong? Cggb Pedavadlapudi Branch 242399 Wrong?
87. ANDB0CG7011 Wrong? Cggb Penumaka Branch 259170 Wrong?
88. ANDB0CG7072 Wrong? Cggb Perecherla Branch 290029 Wrong?
89. ANDB0CG7088 Wrong? Cggb Peteru Branch 224988 Wrong?
90. ANDB0CG7034 Wrong? Cggb Piduguralla Branch 252847 Wrong?
91. ANDB0CG7086 Wrong? Cggb Prathipadu Branch 280680 Wrong?
92. ANDB0CG7030 Wrong? Cggb Pulipadu Branch 249000 Wrong?
93. ANDB0CG7089 Wrong? Cggb Rayapudi Branch 244266 Wrong?
94. ANDB0CG7039 Wrong? Cggb Repalle Branch 222335 Wrong?
95. ANDB0CG7048 Wrong? Cggb Sattenapalli Branch 233200 Wrong?
96. ANDB0CG7005 Wrong? Cggb Savalyapuram Branch 259044 Wrong?
97. ANDB0CG7014 Wrong? Cggb Sirigiripadu Branch 224878 Wrong?
98. ANDB0CG7027 Wrong? Cggb Solasa Branch 271046 Wrong?
99. ANDB0CG7059 Wrong? Cggb Tadepalli Branch 272000 Wrong?
100. ANDB0CG7704 Wrong? CGGB Tadikonda Branch Wrong?
101. ANDB0CG7075 Wrong? Cggb Takellapadu Branch 292999 Wrong?
102. ANDB0CG7001 Wrong? Cggb Tenali Branch 228050 Wrong?
103. ANDB0CG7091 Wrong? Cggb Thulluru Branch 244969 Wrong?
104. ANDB0CG7093 Wrong? Cggb Undavalli Branch 273477 Wrong?
105. ANDB0CG7002 Wrong? Cggb Utukuru Branch 256544 Wrong?
106. ANDB0CG7041 Wrong? Cggb Vaddeswaram Branch 246456 Wrong?
107. ANDB0CG7037 Wrong? Cggb Valiveru Branch 259257 Wrong?
108. ANDB0CG7035 Wrong? Cggb Vallabhapuram Branch 272261 Wrong?
109. ANDB0CG7016 Wrong? Cggb Vatticherukuru Branch 285244 Wrong?
110. ANDB0CG7068 Wrong? Cggb Vemuru Branch 246155 Wrong?
111. ANDB0CG7060 Wrong? Cggb Vikas Public School Branch 265600 Wrong?
112. ANDB0CG7038 Wrong? Cggb Vinukonda Branch 272304 Wrong?
113. ANDB0CG7032 Wrong? Cggb Vipperla Reddypalem Branch 249203 Wrong?
114. ANDB0CG7006 Wrong? Cggb Yallamanda Branch 219678 Wrong?
115. ANDB0CG7024 Wrong? Cggb Yanamadala Branch 288314 Wrong?
116. ANDB0CG7007 Wrong? Cggb Zulakallu Branch 256137 Wrong?
117. ANDB0001251 Wrong? Chandramoulinagar Branch Wrong?
118. ANDB0000077 Wrong? Chilakaluripet Branch Wrong?
119. ANDB0000771 Wrong? Chiluvuru Branch Wrong?
120. ANDB0001483 Wrong? Chowdavaram Branch Wrong?
121. ANDB0000781 Wrong? Chunduru Branch Wrong?
122. ANDB0000089 Wrong? Court Street ( Ongole Branch Wrong?
123. ANDB0002792 Wrong? Dondapadu Branch 2241184 Wrong?
124. ANDB0000105 Wrong? Duggirala Branch Wrong?
125. ANDB0001922 Wrong? Edlapadu Branch Wrong?
126. ANDB0000124 Wrong? Emani Branch Wrong?
127. ANDB0000696 Wrong? Gorantla Branch Wrong?
128. ANDB0000920 Wrong? Govada Branch Wrong?
129. ANDB0002289 Wrong? Gudavalli Branch Wrong?
130. ANDB0000153 Wrong? Gullapalli Branch Wrong?
131. ANDB0000150 Wrong? Guntur Main Branch Wrong?
132. ANDB0001007 Wrong? Guntur Medical College Branch Wrong?
133. ANDB0001506 Wrong? Guntur Municipal Corporation Branch Wrong?
134. ANDB0000161 Wrong? Gurazala Branch Wrong?
135. ANDB0000203 Wrong? Hindu College Campus Branch Wrong?
136. ANDB0000233 Wrong? Intur Branch Wrong?
137. ANDB0000237 Wrong? Ipuru Branch Wrong?
138. ANDB0001507 Wrong? Isukapalli Branch Wrong?
139. ANDB0000264 Wrong? Jammalapalem Branch Wrong?
140. ANDB0001108 Wrong? Jkc College Branch Wrong?
141. ANDB0000829 Wrong? Kanagala Branch Wrong?
142. ANDB0000242 Wrong? Kannavarithota Branch Wrong?
143. ANDB0001982 Wrong? Karempudi Branch Wrong?
144. ANDB0000965 Wrong? Kaza Branch Wrong?
145. ANDB0000338 Wrong? Kolakaluru Branch Wrong?
146. ANDB0000325 Wrong? Kolluru Branch Wrong?
147. ANDB0000314 Wrong? Koretipadu Branch Wrong?
148. ANDB0000814 Wrong? Kothapet Branch Wrong?
149. ANDB0001979 Wrong? Kothapeta Vinukonda Branch Wrong?
150. ANDB0001981 Wrong? Krosuru Branch Wrong?
151. ANDB0CG7703 Wrong? Krosuru Branch Wrong?
152. ANDB0000905 Wrong? Kuchinapudi Branch Wrong?
153. ANDB0000836 Wrong? Kuchipudi Branch Wrong?
154. ANDB0CG7702 Wrong? Kuppurao Colony Branch Wrong?
155. ANDB0000345 Wrong? Macherla Branch Wrong?
156. ANDB0001923 Wrong? Mandadam Branch Wrong?
157. ANDB0000366 Wrong? Mangalagiri Branch Wrong?
158. ANDB0001924 Wrong? Medikonduru Branch Wrong?
159. ANDB0001035 Wrong? Modukuru Branch Wrong?
160. ANDB0000358 Wrong? Morrispet Tenali Branch Wrong?
161. ANDB0001580 Wrong? Nadikudi Branch Wrong?
162. ANDB0001508 Wrong? Nagarjuna University Campus Branch Wrong?
163. ANDB0001925 Wrong? Nallapadu Branch Wrong?
164. ANDB0000871 Wrong? Narasayapalem Branch Wrong?
165. ANDB0000381 Wrong? Narsaraopet Branch Wrong?
166. ANDB0002008 Wrong? Nekarikallu Branch Wrong?
167. ANDB0002445 Wrong? Nizmpatnam Branch 2243575 Wrong?
168. ANDB0002537 Wrong? Nuzendla Branch 244001 Wrong?
169. ANDB0000403 Wrong? Old Branch Wrong?
170. ANDB0002211 Wrong? Palakaluru Road Branch 2345453 Wrong?
171. ANDB0001505 Wrong? Palanadu Road Branch Wrong?
172. ANDB0001442 Wrong? Pandaripuram Branch Wrong?
173. ANDB0001845 Wrong? Patchalatadiparru Branch Wrong?
174. ANDB0000442 Wrong? Patnam Bazar ( Branch Wrong?
175. ANDB0000425 Wrong? Pattabhipuram Branch Wrong?
176. ANDB0000765 Wrong? Pedapalem Branch Wrong?
177. ANDB0000431 Wrong? Phirangipuram Branch Wrong?
178. ANDB0000447 Wrong? Piduguralla Branch Wrong?
179. ANDB0000419 Wrong? Pittalavanipalem Branch Wrong?
180. ANDB0000433 Wrong? Ponnur Branch Wrong?
181. ANDB0002212 Wrong? Ponugupadu Branch 520011608 Wrong?
182. ANDB0001146 Wrong? Prakasam Road Branch Wrong?
183. ANDB0001441 Wrong? Prakashnagar Branch Wrong?
184. ANDB0000436 Wrong? Prattipadu Branch Wrong?
185. ANDB0001926 Wrong? Pulladigunta Branch Wrong?
186. ANDB0000498 Wrong? Rajupalem Branch Wrong?
187. ANDB0002024 Wrong? Rama Talkies Road Macherla Branch Wrong?
188. ANDB0000934 Wrong? Ramalingeswar Pet Tenali Branch Wrong?
189. ANDB0000182 Wrong? Ramireddipet Branch Wrong?
190. ANDB0002538 Wrong? Rayapudi Branch 243575 Wrong?
191. ANDB0000476 Wrong? Rentachintala Branch Wrong?
192. ANDB0CG7701 Wrong? Rentachintala Branch Wrong?
193. ANDB0001927 Wrong? Rentapalla Branch Wrong?
194. ANDB0000477 Wrong? Repalle Branch Wrong?
195. ANDB0001608 Wrong? Retail Credit Branch Wrong?
196. ANDB0001928 Wrong? Rompicherla Branch Wrong?
197. ANDB0009187 Wrong? Routing Ifsc Branch Wrong?
198. ANDB0000532 Wrong? Sangam Jagarlamudi Branch Wrong?
199. ANDB0000503 Wrong? Sattenapalli Branch Wrong?
200. ANDB0000975 Wrong? Sc Branch Wrong?
201. ANDB0CG7095 Wrong? Siripuram Branch Wrong?
202. ANDB0001036 Wrong? Sme Branch Wrong?
203. ANDB0001018 Wrong? Srinagar Colony Branch Wrong?
204. ANDB0001148 Wrong? Syamalanagar Branch Wrong?
205. ANDB0002338 Wrong? Tadepalle Branch 2243575 Wrong?
206. ANDB0000551 Wrong? Tadikonda Branch Wrong?
207. ANDB0001825 Wrong? Telagayapalem Branch Wrong?
208. ANDB0000555 Wrong? Tenali Main Branch Wrong?
209. ANDB0002565 Wrong? Thulluru Branch 243575 Wrong?
210. ANDB0000990 Wrong? Tumurukota Branch Wrong?
211. ANDB0000576 Wrong? Tyallur Branch Wrong?
212. ANDB0002981 Wrong? Undavalli Branch 243575 Wrong?
213. ANDB0000597 Wrong? Vaikunthapuram Branch Wrong?
214. ANDB0000246 Wrong? Vedulapalli Branch Wrong?
215. ANDB0002542 Wrong? Velagapudi Branch 243575 Wrong?
216. ANDB0001930 Wrong? Veldurthi Branch Wrong?
217. ANDB0000607 Wrong? Vinukonda Branch Wrong?
218. ANDB0000226 Wrong? Zonal Office Guntur Branch Wrong?

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