Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 70 branches in Visakhapatnam district. The table below shows Andhra Bank Visakhapatnam IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Andhra Bank Visakhapatnam branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Andhra Bank branches in Visakhapatnam

#Branch NameIFSC CodeAddressContact No.
1. Andhra Bank A. U. Campus ANDB0001056 Visakhapatnamvisakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
A.u.campus , Andhra Pradesh
2. Andhra Bank Adarsh Nagar ANDB0001396 DR. #3-304, Near SSS Function Hall, Opposite OLD Dairy Farm, Adarshnagar, Visakhapatnam-530 040, Vishakapatnam
Adarsh Nagar (visakhapatnam) , Andhra Pradesh
3. Andhra Bank Adda Road S Rayavaram ANDB0001916 Dno 1-124, Main Road, Adda Road, S Rayavaram Mandal, Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
4. Andhra Bank Aganampudi ANDB0001740 Dno 9-36/5 Sri Siva Sai Shopping Complex, NH-5, Main Road, Visakhapatnam - 530046
Aganampudi , Andhra Pradesh
5. Andhra Bank Akkayyapalem ANDB0000185 Plot #4, Main Road, Akkayyapalemvisakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
6. Andhra Bank Anakapalli ANDB0000012 D #11-1-49 ( 1 ), Market Streetanakapalli, Visakhapatnam District , Vishakapatnam
Anakapalle , Andhra Pradesh
7. Andhra Bank Anandapuram ANDB0000725 Main Road, Anandapuram, Bhimili Road, VSP District , Vishakapatnam - 531163
Andhra Pradesh
8. Andhra Bank Ananthagiri ANDB0001985 Itda Guest House, Besides Mro Office, Ananthagiri, Visakhapatnam - 535145
Andhra Pradesh
9. Andhra Bank Ankupalem ANDB0002194 Dno6 95, Opposite Govt. High School, Main Road, Ankupalem, Chodavaram M, Visakha DT, AP, Visakhapatnam - 531036
Andhra Pradesh
10. Andhra Bank Aseelmetta ANDB0001343 Door #10-1-27, Opposite Vemana Mandiram, Srisampat Vinayak Temple, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Aseelmetta , Andhra Pradesh
11. Andhra Bank Au College Of Engineering ANDB0001333 Sankethika Vidyarthi Mahal, A. U. North Campus, Visakhapatnam 530 003, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
12. Andhra Bank B. C. Road ANDB0002120 12 60 Sitaramnagar B. C. Road New Gajuwaka Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
13. Andhra Bank Balayya Sastry Layout ANDB0002127 4959941 Balaji Hillsbalayya Sastry Layout, Visakhapatnam - 530013
Andhra Pradesh
14. Andhra Bank Baliji Peta ANDB0000034 Bobbili TQ, Balijipet, Visakhapatnam-532 557, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
15. Andhra Bank Bheemunipatnam ANDB0000069 Bheemunipatnamnear Bus Stand, Visakhapa, AP, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
16. Andhra Bank Bhogapuram ANDB0002852 Rajula Veedhi, NK 16, Bhogapuram, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam - 535216
Andhra Pradesh
17. Andhra Bank Chinadoddigallu ANDB0000768 Door #1-72, D. L. Puram Postnakkalapalli Mandal, Visakhapat, Visakhapatnam
Chinadoddigallu , Andhra Pradesh
18. Andhra Bank Chippada ANDB0002940 Chippada Branch, AT Chittynagar, Chippada Po, Visakhapatnam - 531162
Bheemunipatnam , Andhra Pradesh
19. Andhra Bank Daba Gardens Vizag ANDB0000109 Opposite Chitralaya Theatre, Daba Gardensvisakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
20. Andhra Bank Dumbriguda ANDB0002397 D #15 143, Near Panchayat Office, Dumbriguda, Visakhapatnam - 531151
Andhra Pradesh
21. Andhra Bank Dwarakanagar ANDB0000106 47-11-7 Waltair Stndwarakanagar, Vishapatnam, AP, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
22. Andhra Bank East Point Colony ANDB0001332 East Point Colony, Opposite Vuda Park, Visakhapatnam, A. P, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
23. Andhra Bank Gajuwaka ANDB0000175 Opposite Seshmahal Theatrgajuwaka Main Road, Visakhapatn, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
24. Andhra Bank Gavarapalem Anakapa ANDB0000152 Lgowri Grandhalayam Sgavarapalem, Anakpally, Vizag Di, Vishakapatnam
Anakapalle , Andhra Pradesh
25. Andhra Bank Govt. Polytechnic Ec ANDB0001545 Govt. Polytechnic NH-5, Visakhapatnam
Kancharapalem , Andhra Pradesh
26. Andhra Bank H. B. Colony ANDB0002121 Dno 55 2 2 5, H. B. Colony Road, OLD Venkajipalem, Visakhapatnam - 530022
Andhra Pradesh
27. Andhra Bank Ins Virabahu Utility Comlex ANDB0001544 INS Virabahu Utility Complex, Naval Base, Visakhapatnam
Ins Virabahu Utility Comlex , Andhra Pradesh
28. Andhra Bank K. G. H ANDB0001030 Maharanipeta, KGHJ Premises, Visakhapatnam-530 002, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
29. Andhra Bank Kancharapalem ANDB0001796 D #56-01-67 Main Road Kancharapalem Visakhapatname - 530008
Andhra Pradesh
30. Andhra Bank Kommadi ANDB0001919 9-39/1. Vaibhava Nagar, Kommadi Road, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam - 530048
Andhra Pradesh
31. Andhra Bank Kotapadu Agraharam ANDB0000960 Kotapadu Agraharam, Ponnalur Mandalam, Prakasam District , A. P, Visakhapatnam
Kotapadu Agraharam , Andhra Pradesh
32. Andhra Bank L. B. College ANDB0001073 Seetammadhara Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
33. Andhra Bank M. V. P Colony ANDB0001046 Sector10, M. V. P Colonyvisakhapatnam, AP, Vishakapatnam - 530017
Andhra Pradesh
34. Andhra Bank Madhavadhara ANDB0001786 39-27-3/2, NH-5, Near Geological Survey OF India, Visakhapatnam - 530018
Madhavadhara , Andhra Pradesh
35. Andhra Bank Madhuravada ANDB0001238 P. M. Palem Madhuravadavisakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
36. Andhra Bank Maharanipet ANDB0000351 #18-01-26, KGH Townmaharanipet Visakhapatnam, Vizag District , AP, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
37. Andhra Bank Malkapuram ANDB0000353 Trunk Road, Malkapuram, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
38. Andhra Bank Muralinagar ANDB0001074 Visakhapatnammurali Nagar, Vishakapatnam
Muralinagar , Andhra Pradesh
39. Andhra Bank Narsipatnam ANDB0000383 Sileru Main Road, Krishna Bazarnarsipatnam, Vizag District A. P, Vishakapatnam
Narsipatnam , Andhra Pradesh
40. Andhra Bank Nggos Colony ANDB0003066 37-10-123/1, Ayyappa Nagar, Nggo Colony, Murali Nagar, Visakhapatnam - 530007
Andhra Pradesh
41. Andhra Bank Padmanabham ANDB0000406 Bheemunipatnam Taluk, Visakhapanam, Visakhapatnam
Padmanabham , Andhra Pradesh
42. Andhra Bank Payakaraopeta ANDB0002839 Opposite Chitra Mandir Theatre, Main Roada, Visakhapatnam - 531126
Payakaraopet , Andhra Pradesh
43. Andhra Bank Peda Boddepalli ANDB0001914 D. #1-250, Main Road, Peda Boddepalli, Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam - 531116
Andhra Pradesh
44. Andhra Bank Pendurthi ANDB0001426 Pendurti, Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Pendurthi, Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
45. Andhra Bank Pithapuram Colony ANDB0000245 9-36-8, Mig-88 Pithapuram Colony, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
46. Andhra Bank Port ANDB0000434 Opposite Harbour Police Station, Port Area, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
47. Andhra Bank Pothina Mallayyapalem ANDB0002838 Plot #101 & 102, V Enclave, 80 Feet Road, PM Palem, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam - 530041
Andhra Pradesh
48. Andhra Bank R. K. Mission ANDB0001047 R. K. Beach Roadvisakhapatnam, Vizag District , AP, Vishakapatnam
R K Mission Branch , Andhra Pradesh
49. Andhra Bank Ravikamatam ANDB0001918 Main Road, Visakhapatnam - 531025
Ravikamatam , Andhra Pradesh
50. Andhra Bank Retail Credit ANDB0001610 #43-9-136, TSN Tower, 1ST Floor, TSN Colony, Dondaparthy, Visakhapatnam
Vishakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
51. Andhra Bank Salur ANDB0000501 Main Raod, Salur, Visakhapatnam District AP, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
52. Andhra Bank Seethammadhara ANDB0000540 Beside Eenadu Office, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
53. Andhra Bank Service Center ANDB0000599 DR. #18-1-26, IST Floor, KGH Down, Maharani Pet, Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
54. Andhra Bank Shivajipalem ANDB0002195 Opposite Shivaji Park, Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
55. Andhra Bank Simhachalam ANDB0000508 Door #11-30, Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam District Ap530028, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
56. Andhra Bank Siripuram ANDB0000957 Siripuram, Via Ponduru, Srikakulam District , A. P, Visakhapatnam
Siripuram , Andhra Pradesh
57. Andhra Bank Specialised Ag Bran ANDB0001049 C30-40-78 Main Road, Marripalem Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Specialised Ag Bran , Andhra Pradesh
58. Andhra Bank Specialized Sme ANDB0001051 12-41/1, 1ST Floor, NH-5, Opposite : Pantulugari Meda, Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
59. Andhra Bank St Anns School ANDB0001156 Butchiraju Palem, Nad Cross Roadvisakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
60. Andhra Bank Steelplant Township ANDB0000955 Sector-5 Ukkunagaramvisakhapatnam, Vizag District A. P, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
61. Andhra Bank Svlnsvp Jr. College ANDB0001124 Jhansi Towers Gopalapatnam Visakhapatnam, Vishakapatnam
Svlnsvp , Andhra Pradesh
62. Andhra Bank Tagarapuvalasa ANDB0001461 Durga Palace, Bhimili Road, Tagarapuvalasa, 531 162, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
63. Andhra Bank V Madugula ANDB0001738 Opposite Gandhi Park, V Madugula Po, Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
64. Andhra Bank Vikas Educational Instituions ANDB0001547 O1-1-1/1 Airport Roasheela Nagar ; Near Nad Kot, Visakhapatnam
Vikas Educational Instituions , Andhra Pradesh
65. Andhra Bank Visakhapatnam ANDB0000608 AVN College Down, Main Road, Town Kotha Roadvisakhapatnam, A. P, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
66. Andhra Bank Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone ( Vsez ) ANDB0001066 Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone ( Vsez ); Visakhapatnam-530 046, Vishakapatnam
Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone (vsez) , Andhra Pradesh
67. Andhra Bank Visalakshi Nagar ANDB0001546 Visalakshi Nagarvisakha Patnam, Vishakapatnam
Visalakshi Nagar , Andhra Pradesh
68. Andhra Bank Waltair ANDB0000633 4-38, Lawsons Bay Colony, Vishakapatnam - 530017
Waltair , Andhra Pradesh
69. Andhra Bank Woodpeta ANDB0000631 Madugula Road, Woodpeta, Anakapalli, VSP District 531 001, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh
70. Andhra Bank Zonal Office ANDB0000690 Zonal Office, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam - 530013
Andhra Pradesh

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1800-425-1515 - General issues
1800-425-2910 - ATM card related issues
1800-425-4059 - Credit Card issues
1800-425-7701 - Any Pension related