This page gives information about all the 64 Andhra Bank branches in Visakhapatnam district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Andhra Bank in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

List of Andhra Bank branches in Visakhapatnam

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. ANDB0001056 Wrong? A U Campus Branch 0891-2550035, 2733025 Wrong?
2. ANDB0001396 Wrong? Adarsh Nagar Branch 0891-2793006 Wrong?
3. ANDB0001916 Wrong? Adda Road - S Rayavaram Branch Wrong?
4. ANDB0001740 Wrong? Aganampudi Branch Wrong?
5. ANDB0000185 Wrong? Akkayyapalem Branch 0891-2765887 Wrong?
6. ANDB0000012 Wrong? Anakapalli Branch 08924-2222445 Wrong?
7. ANDB0000725 Wrong? Anandapuram Branch Wrong?
8. ANDB0001985 Wrong? Ananthagiri Branch Wrong?
9. ANDB0002194 Wrong? Ankupalem Branch Wrong?
10. ANDB0001546 Wrong? Armed Reserve Police Head Quarters Branch Wrong?
11. ANDB0001343 Wrong? Aseelmetta Branch Wrong?
12. ANDB0001333 Wrong? Au College Of Engineering Branch Wrong?
13. ANDB0002120 Wrong? B. C. Road Branch 0891 2540785 Wrong?
14. ANDB0002127 Wrong? Balayya Sastry Layout Branch Wrong?
15. ANDB0000034 Wrong? Balijipeta Branch Wrong?
16. ANDB0000069 Wrong? Bheemunipatnam Branch 08933-229555 Wrong?
17. ANDB0000768 Wrong? Chinadoddigallu Branch Wrong?
18. ANDB0000109 Wrong? Dabagardens Branch 0891-2563606 Wrong?
19. ANDB0001073 Wrong? Dr. L.B.College Branch 0891-2552424 Wrong?
20. ANDB0000106 Wrong? Dwarakanagar Branch 0891-2754126 Wrong?
21. ANDB0001332 Wrong? East Point Colony Branch Wrong?
22. ANDB0000175 Wrong? Gajuwaka Branch 0891-2517754 Wrong?
23. ANDB0000152 Wrong? Gavarapalem Branch Wrong?
24. ANDB0001545 Wrong? Govt. Polytechnic Ec Branch Wrong?
25. ANDB0002121 Wrong? H. B. Colony Branch Wrong?
26. ANDB0001544 Wrong? Ins Virabahu Utility Comlex Branch Wrong?
27. ANDB0000960 Wrong? K.Agraharm Branch Wrong?
28. ANDB0001796 Wrong? Kancharapalem Branch Wrong?
29. ANDB0001030 Wrong? Kgh Branch Wrong?
30. ANDB0001919 Wrong? Kommadi Branch 0891-2729569 Wrong?
31. ANDB0001786 Wrong? Madhavadhara Branch 0891-2788799 Wrong?
32. ANDB0001238 Wrong? Madhurawada Branch 0891-2799568 Wrong?
33. ANDB0000351 Wrong? Maharanipeta Branch 2564258,2562542 Wrong?
34. ANDB0000353 Wrong? Malkapuram Branch 0891-2577165 Wrong?
35. ANDB0001074 Wrong? Muralinagar Branch Wrong?
36. ANDB0001046 Wrong? Mvp Colony Branch Wrong?
37. ANDB0000383 Wrong? Narsipatnam Branch 08932-226077 Wrong?
38. ANDB0000406 Wrong? Padmanabham Branch Wrong?
39. ANDB0001914 Wrong? Peda Boddepalli Branch Wrong?
40. ANDB0001426 Wrong? Pendurthi Branch Wrong?
41. ANDB0000245 Wrong? Pithapuram Colony Branch Wrong?
42. ANDB0000434 Wrong? Port Branch 0891-2566420 Wrong?
43. ANDB0001047 Wrong? R K Mission Branch 0891-2564124 Wrong?
44. ANDB0001918 Wrong? Ravikamatam Branch Wrong?
45. ANDB0001610 Wrong? Retail Credit Branch Wrong?
46. ANDB0000501 Wrong? Salur Branch 08964-252341 Wrong?
47. ANDB0000540 Wrong? Seethammadhara Branch 0891-2551692 Wrong?
48. ANDB0000599 Wrong? Service Center, Visakhapatnam Branch 0891-2551772 Wrong?
49. ANDB0002195 Wrong? Shivajipalem Branch Wrong?
50. ANDB0000508 Wrong? Simhachalam Branch 0891-2715223 Wrong?
51. ANDB0000957 Wrong? Siripuram Branch Wrong?
52. ANDB0001049 Wrong? Special Agriculture Finance Branch Wrong?
53. ANDB0001051 Wrong? Spld Ssi Branch 0891-2512726 Wrong?
54. ANDB0001156 Wrong? St Anns School Branch 0891-2571787 Wrong?
55. ANDB0000955 Wrong? Steel Plant Township Branch 2581142 Wrong?
56. ANDB0001124 Wrong? Svlnsvp Jr.College - Visak Branch Wrong?
57. ANDB0001461 Wrong? Tagarapuvalasa Branch 08933-225159 Wrong?
58. ANDB0001738 Wrong? V Madugula Branch 08934-224477 Wrong?
59. ANDB0001547 Wrong? Vikas Educational Instituions Branch Wrong?
60. ANDB0000608 Wrong? Visakhapatnam Main Branch 0891 - 2562770 / 2550035 / 256605 608 Wrong?
61. ANDB0001066 Wrong? Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone Branch 0891-2587214 Wrong?
62. ANDB0000633 Wrong? Waltair Branch 0891-2717524 Wrong?
63. ANDB0000631 Wrong? Woodpeta Branch Wrong?
64. ANDB0000690 Wrong? Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam Branch Wrong?

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