Branch names and IFSC of all Andhra Bank branches in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 156 branches in West Godavari district. The table below shows Andhra Bank West Godavari IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Andhra Bank West Godavari branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Andhra Bank branches in West Godavari

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. ANDB0002569 Wrong? Adavikolanu Branch 230938 Wrong?
2. ANDB0000005 Wrong? Akiveedu Branch Wrong?
3. ANDB0000720 Wrong? Alampuram Branch Wrong?
4. ANDB0000702 Wrong? Anantapalli Branch Wrong?
5. ANDB0001001 Wrong? Aravalli Branch Wrong?
6. ANDB0000719 Wrong? Ashoknagar ( Eluru ) Branch Wrong?
7. ANDB0000017 Wrong? Attili Branch Wrong?
8. ANDB0000247 Wrong? Bayyanagudem Branch Wrong?
9. ANDB0000045 Wrong? Bhimadole Branch Wrong?
10. ANDB0000058 Wrong? Bhimalapuram Branch Wrong?
11. ANDB0000046 Wrong? Bhimavaram Branch Wrong?
12. ANDB0002754 Wrong? Bus Station Road Jangareddygudem Branch 230938 Wrong?
13. ANDB0CG7232 Wrong? Cggb Agadalanka Branch 275711 Wrong?
14. ANDB0CG7262 Wrong? Cggb Akiveedu Branch 255116 Wrong?
15. ANDB0CG7260 Wrong? Cggb Appanaveedu Branch 245260 Wrong?
16. ANDB0CG7237 Wrong? Cggb Bhimavaram Branch 234669 Wrong?
17. ANDB0CG7220 Wrong? Cggb Chinnakapavaram Branch 280102 Wrong?
18. ANDB0CG7268 Wrong? Cggb Chinthalapudi Branch 223544 Wrong?
19. ANDB0CG7207 Wrong? Cggb Eletipadu Branch 246026 Wrong?
20. ANDB0CG7227 Wrong? Cggb Eluru Branch 233025 Wrong?
21. ANDB0CG7211 Wrong? Cggb Gopannapalem Branch 259469 Wrong?
22. ANDB0CG7235 Wrong? Cggb Jangareddygudem Branch 227274 Wrong?
23. ANDB0CG7228 Wrong? Cggb Kalipatnam Branch 286219 Wrong?
24. ANDB0CG7217 Wrong? Cggb Koppaka Branch 277403 Wrong?
25. ANDB0CG7252 Wrong? Cggb Korumamidi Branch 277568 Wrong?
26. ANDB0CG7266 Wrong? Cggb Koyyalagudem Branch 237577 Wrong?
27. ANDB0CG7213 Wrong? Cggb Makkinavarigudem Branch 282238 Wrong?
28. ANDB0CG7209 Wrong? Cggb Medapadu Branch 251301 Wrong?
29. ANDB0CG7248 Wrong? Cggb Nallajarla Branch 277348 Wrong?
30. ANDB0CG7244 Wrong? Cggb Naydugudem Branch 247913 Wrong?
31. ANDB0CG7259 Wrong? Cggb Nidadavole Branch 226259 Wrong?
32. ANDB0CG7204 Wrong? Cggb Nidamarru Branch 245950 Wrong?
33. ANDB0CG7240 Wrong? Cggb Palakol Branch 224546 Wrong?
34. ANDB0CG7219 Wrong? Cggb Pedatadepalli Branch 244249 Wrong?
35. ANDB0CG7205 Wrong? Cggb Penumadam Branch 259103 Wrong?
36. ANDB0CG7229 Wrong? Cggb Polamuru Branch 283174 Wrong?
37. ANDB0CG7212 Wrong? Cggb Purushothapalli Branch 221261 Wrong?
38. ANDB0CG7238 Wrong? Cggb Tadepalligudem Branch 229279 Wrong?
39. ANDB0CG7253 Wrong? Cggb Tangellamudi Branch 241799 Wrong?
40. ANDB0CG7258 Wrong? Cggb Tanuku Branch 223223 Wrong?
41. ANDB0CG7231 Wrong? Cggb Tirupathipuram Branch 255402 Wrong?
42. ANDB0CG7225 Wrong? Cggb Valluru West Branch 252188 Wrong?
43. ANDB0CG7263 Wrong? Cggb Vissakoderu Branch 239363 Wrong?
44. ANDB0001504 Wrong? Ch S. D. St. Theresa's Autonomous College For Women ( Eluru ) Branch Wrong?
45. ANDB0000073 Wrong? Chagallu Branch Wrong?
46. ANDB0000279 Wrong? Chebrole Branch Wrong?
47. ANDB0001897 Wrong? Chinnaigudem Branch Wrong?
48. ANDB0000079 Wrong? Chintalapudi Branch Wrong?
49. ANDB0001503 Wrong? Crr Polytechnic College Branch Wrong?
50. ANDB0000769 Wrong? Dagguluru Branch Wrong?
51. ANDB0002174 Wrong? Devarapalli Branch 273100 Wrong?
52. ANDB0000790 Wrong? Dharbarevu Branch Wrong?
53. ANDB0000138 Wrong? Dharmavaram Branch Wrong?
54. ANDB0000102 Wrong? Dnr College Bhimavaram Branch Wrong?
55. ANDB0000789 Wrong? Dondapudi Branch Wrong?
56. ANDB0001968 Wrong? Doobacherla Branch Wrong?
57. ANDB0000137 Wrong? Duvva Branch Wrong?
58. ANDB0000107 Wrong? Dwaraka Tirumala Branch Wrong?
59. ANDB0002753 Wrong? Edla Bazar Palakol Branch Wrong?
60. ANDB0000123 Wrong? Eluru Main Branch Wrong?
61. ANDB0000126 Wrong? Eluru Road Branch Wrong?
62. ANDB0000191 Wrong? Elurupadu Branch Wrong?
63. ANDB0000140 Wrong? Ganapavaram Branch Wrong?
64. ANDB0000154 Wrong? Gannavaram Branch Wrong?
65. ANDB0000178 Wrong? Garagaparru Branch Wrong?
66. ANDB0000179 Wrong? Gollavanitippa Branch Wrong?
67. ANDB0002755 Wrong? Gopalapuram Branch Wrong?
68. ANDB0000638 Wrong? Gowripatnam Branch Wrong?
69. ANDB0000146 Wrong? Gudivada Branch Wrong?
70. ANDB0000158 Wrong? Gunadala ( Vijayawada ) Branch Wrong?
71. ANDB0000148 Wrong? Gundugolanu Branch Wrong?
72. ANDB0000200 Wrong? Hanuman Junction Branch Wrong?
73. ANDB0001016 Wrong? Industrial Estate ( Bhimavaram ) Branch Wrong?
74. ANDB0000259 Wrong? Jangareddygudem Branch Wrong?
75. ANDB0000335 Wrong? K Kannapuram Branch Wrong?
76. ANDB0CG7271 Wrong? Kadiyadda Branch Wrong?
77. ANDB0000250 Wrong? Kagupadu Branch Wrong?
78. ANDB0000323 Wrong? Kakaraparru Branch Wrong?
79. ANDB0000649 Wrong? Kalla Branch Wrong?
80. ANDB0000328 Wrong? Kamavarapukota Branch Wrong?
81. ANDB0000645 Wrong? Kamayyapalem Branch Wrong?
82. ANDB0000296 Wrong? Kanuru Branch Wrong?
83. ANDB0002800 Wrong? Khandavalli Branch 278669 Wrong?
84. ANDB0000298 Wrong? Kopalle Branch Wrong?
85. ANDB0000831 Wrong? Kopparru Branch Wrong?
86. ANDB0000807 Wrong? Korukollu Branch Wrong?
87. ANDB0000317 Wrong? Kovvali Branch Wrong?
88. ANDB0000318 Wrong? Kovvur Branch Wrong?
89. ANDB0CG7272 Wrong? Kovvuru Branch Wrong?
90. ANDB0000824 Wrong? Koyyalagudem Branch Wrong?
91. ANDB0001303 Wrong? Lajapathirai Peta Branch Wrong?
92. ANDB0000837 Wrong? Lakkavaram Branch Wrong?
93. ANDB0000341 Wrong? Lankalakoderu Branch Wrong?
94. ANDB0000847 Wrong? Mahadevapatnam Branch Wrong?
95. ANDB0001242 Wrong? Main Bazar ( Eluru ) Branch Wrong?
96. ANDB0000894 Wrong? Mallavaram Branch Wrong?
97. ANDB0002357 Wrong? Market Area Tadepalligudem Branch Wrong?
98. ANDB0000369 Wrong? Mogaltur Branch Wrong?
99. ANDB0000897 Wrong? Mortha Branch Wrong?
100. ANDB0000278 Wrong? Mukkamala Branch Wrong?
101. ANDB0002351 Wrong? Nallajerla Branch 277779 Wrong?
102. ANDB0002356 Wrong? Narasaiah Agraharam Branch 234884 Wrong?
103. ANDB0000382 Wrong? Narsapur Branch Wrong?
104. ANDB0000396 Wrong? Navuduru Branch Wrong?
105. ANDB0000386 Wrong? Nidadavole Branch Wrong?
106. ANDB0002506 Wrong? Palagudem Branch Wrong?
107. ANDB0000420 Wrong? Palakol Branch Wrong?
108. ANDB0002886 Wrong? Pattisam Branch 254111 Wrong?
109. ANDB0000912 Wrong? Peddapulleru Branch Wrong?
110. ANDB0000454 Wrong? Pentapadu Branch Wrong?
111. ANDB0000429 Wrong? Penugonda Branch Wrong?
112. ANDB0000430 Wrong? Penumantra Branch Wrong?
113. ANDB0000416 Wrong? Peravali Branch Wrong?
114. ANDB0000915 Wrong? Peravali Branch Wrong?
115. ANDB0000903 Wrong? Perupalem Branch Wrong?
116. ANDB0000916 Wrong? Polavaram Branch Wrong?
117. ANDB0000413 Wrong? Pragadavaram Branch Wrong?
118. ANDB0002342 Wrong? Pulla Branch 282211 Wrong?
119. ANDB0000938 Wrong? Raghavapuram Branch Wrong?
120. ANDB0000468 Wrong? Ramachandraraopet Branch Wrong?
121. ANDB0000940 Wrong? Rangapuram Branch Wrong?
122. ANDB0001002 Wrong? Ravipadu Branch Wrong?
123. ANDB0000475 Wrong? Relangi Branch Wrong?
124. ANDB0000489 Wrong? Royapetah ( Narsapur ) Branch Wrong?
125. ANDB0002756 Wrong? Rustumbada Branch Wrong?
126. ANDB0001302 Wrong? Sajjapuram Branch Wrong?
127. ANDB0002488 Wrong? Satrampadu Branch 224828 Wrong?
128. ANDB0002799 Wrong? Seethanagaram Branch 283234 Wrong?
129. ANDB0001455 Wrong? Service Center Eluru Branch 08812-227822 Wrong?
130. ANDB0000507 Wrong? Sidhantam Branch Wrong?
131. ANDB0001071 Wrong? Sir C. R. R. College Branch Wrong?
132. ANDB0001043 Wrong? Sme Bhimavaram Branch Wrong?
133. ANDB0000516 Wrong? Srungavruksham Branch Wrong?
134. ANDB0001298 Wrong? Subbaraopeta Branch Wrong?
135. ANDB0000981 Wrong? T. Narsapuram Branch Wrong?
136. ANDB0000553 Wrong? Tallapudi Branch Wrong?
137. ANDB0002173 Wrong? Tangellamudi Branch 221167 Wrong?
138. ANDB0000554 Wrong? Tanuku Branch Wrong?
139. ANDB0002691 Wrong? Tanuku Nh Road Branch 230938 Wrong?
140. ANDB0001098 Wrong? Thallada Branch Wrong?
141. ANDB0000566 Wrong? Thurpu Vipparru Branch Wrong?
142. ANDB0000252 Wrong? Tirumalampalem Branch Wrong?
143. ANDB0000984 Wrong? Tundurru Branch Wrong?
144. ANDB0000580 Wrong? Undi Branch Wrong?
145. ANDB0000625 Wrong? Vasantawada Branch Wrong?
146. ANDB0002434 Wrong? Veerampalem Branch 276201 Wrong?
147. ANDB0002355 Wrong? Vegivada Branch 228126 Wrong?
148. ANDB0002758 Wrong? Velpuru Branch 236677 Wrong?
149. ANDB0000621 Wrong? Vempa Branch Wrong?
150. ANDB0000354 Wrong? Venkatarayapuram Branch Wrong?
151. ANDB0001969 Wrong? Venkatramannagudem Branch Wrong?
152. ANDB0001254 Wrong? Viswakavi Residenti Branch Wrong?
153. ANDB0000610 Wrong? Vundrajavaram Branch Wrong?
154. ANDB0000650 Wrong? Yelamanchali Branch Wrong?
155. ANDB0000659 Wrong? Yendagandi Branch Wrong?
156. ANDB0000674 Wrong? Zonal Office Eluru Branch Wrong?

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