This page gives information about all the 59 Bank Of Baroda branches in Bharuch district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Bank Of Baroda in Bharuch, Gujarat.

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List of Bank Of Baroda branches in Bharuch

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. BARB0AMODXX Wrong? Amod Branch 245421 Wrong?
2. BARB0ANKLES Wrong? Anklesh Main Branch 247613 Wrong?
3. BARB0ATALIX Wrong? Atali Branch Wrong?
4. BARB0BHADBH Wrong? Bhadbhut Branch 276058 Wrong?
5. BARB0BHALOD Wrong? Bhalod Branch 243635 Wrong?
6. BARB0BHANKL Wrong? Bharuch Branch Wrong?
7. BARB0BROACH Wrong? Bharuch Main Branch 222077 Wrong?
8. BARB0BHENSA Wrong? Bhensali Branch 255300 Wrong?
9. BARB0CENPOI Wrong? Centre Point Branch 222701 Wrong?
10. BARB0CHASVA Wrong? Chasvad Branch 285015 Wrong?
11. BARB0CHAVAJ Wrong? Chavaj Branch 239943 Wrong?
12. BARB0DAHEJX Wrong? Dahej Branch 257108 Wrong?
13. BARB0INDDAH Wrong? Dahej Gidc Branch Wrong?
14. BARB0DAHBHA Wrong? Dahej Sez Branch Wrong?
15. BARB0DAYADR Wrong? Dayadra Branch 280000 Wrong?
16. BARB0GADKHO Wrong? Gadkhol Branch 232400 Wrong?
17. BARB0GAJERA Wrong? Gajera Branch 233301 Wrong?
18. BARB0GANBRO Wrong? Gandhar Branch 41290508 Wrong?
19. BARB0GNFCOM Wrong? Gnfc Branch 246700 Wrong?
20. BARB0HANSOT Wrong? Hansot Branch 262638 Wrong?
21. BARB0HINGLO Wrong? Hinglot Branch Wrong?
22. BARB0IKHARX Wrong? Ikhar Branch Wrong?
23. BARB0ILAVXX Wrong? Ilav Branch 263332 Wrong?
24. BARB0INDBRO Wrong? In. E. Branch 245091 Wrong?
25. BARB0INDANK Wrong? Ind. Ankleshw Branch Wrong?
26. BARB0JAMBUS Wrong? Jambusar Branch 220038 Wrong?
27. BARB0JHADES Wrong? Jhadeshwar Branch Wrong?
28. BARB0JHAGAD Wrong? Jhagadia Branch 220001 Wrong?
29. BARB0JHABHA Wrong? Jhagadia Gidc Branch Wrong?
30. BARB0KAVIXX Wrong? Kavi Branch 230220 Wrong?
31. BARB0KAVITH Wrong? Kavitha Branch 275000 Wrong?
32. BARB0KHARAC Wrong? Kharach Branch 270565 Wrong?
33. BARB0KHARET Wrong? Khareta Branch 270565 Wrong?
34. BARB0KONBHA Wrong? Kondh Branch Wrong?
35. BARB0KOSAMD Wrong? Kosamdi Branch 256600 Wrong?
36. BARB0LINBHA Wrong? Link Road Branch Wrong?
37. BARB0MEERAN Wrong? Meeranagar Branch Wrong?
38. BARB0BRODAN Wrong? Mohmadpura Branch 243701 Wrong?
39. BARB0NABIPU Wrong? Nabipur Branch 283223 Wrong?
40. BARB0NARMAD Wrong? Narmadanagar Branch 246900 Wrong?
41. BARB0NETRAN Wrong? Netrang Branch 282282 Wrong?
42. BARB0PALEJX Wrong? Palej Branch 277033 Wrong?
43. BARB0PANETH Wrong? Panetha Branch 231126 Wrong?
44. BARB0PARIEJ Wrong? Pariej Branch 284400 Wrong?
45. BARB0RAJPAR Wrong? Rajpardi Branch 240137 Wrong?
46. BARB0RATANP Wrong? Ratanpore Branch Wrong?
47. BARB0SHREED Wrong? Shreedhar Society Branch 231800 Wrong?
48. BARB0SHUKLA Wrong? Shuklatirth Branch 281281 Wrong?
49. BARB0SILUDI Wrong? Siludi Branch 275022 Wrong?
50. BARB0SODGAM Wrong? Sodgam Branch 278013 Wrong?
51. BARB0STABRO Wrong? Station Road Branch 240346 Wrong?
52. BARB0TANKAR Wrong? Tankaria Branch 270431 Wrong?
53. BARB0UMALLA Wrong? Umalla Branch 234000 Wrong?
54. BARB0VAGRAX Wrong? Vagra Branch 225238 Wrong?
55. BARB0VALIAX Wrong? Valia Branch 270638 Wrong?
56. BARB0VILAYA Wrong? Vilayat Branch 292900 Wrong?
57. BARB0WELBRO Wrong? Welfare Hospital Chokdi Branch Wrong?
58. BARB0ZADESH Wrong? Zadeshwar Branch 245245 Wrong?
59. BARB0ZANORX Wrong? Zanor Branch 287458 Wrong?

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