This page gives information about all the 58 Bank Of Baroda branches in Jaipur district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Bank Of Baroda in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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List of Bank Of Baroda branches in Jaipur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. BARB0ADARSH Wrong? Adarsh Nagar Branch 2620348 Wrong?
2. BARB0AMEJAI Wrong? Amer Road Branch 2630811 Wrong?
3. BARB0ARMJAI Wrong? Arm Branch Wrong?
4. BARB0BAGRAN Wrong? Bagarana Branch 2682357 Wrong?
5. BARB0BAGJAI Wrong? Bagaru Branch 2865343 Wrong?
6. BARB0INDBAI Wrong? Bais Godam Branch 2211885, 2216619 Wrong?
7. BARB0BARNAG Wrong? Barnagar Branch Wrong?
8. BARB0BASJAI Wrong? Bassi Branch 223521 Wrong?
9. BARB0BEGASX Wrong? Begas Branch 2584601 Wrong?
10. BARB0CHAKSU Wrong? Chaksu Branch 244999 Wrong?
11. BARB0CHOMUX Wrong? Chomu Branch 221275 Wrong?
12. BARB0DCMAJM Wrong? Dcm Branch 2356494 Wrong?
13. BARB0DIGJAI Wrong? Diggi Road Branch 2733802 Wrong?
14. BARB0DUDUXX Wrong? Dudu Branch 227930 Wrong?
15. BARB0DURJAI Wrong? Durgapura Branch 2722384 Wrong?
16. BARB0GOPJAI Wrong? Gopalpura Branch Wrong?
17. BARB0HOMEOP Wrong? Homeopathy University Branch Wrong?
18. BARB0JAIINT Wrong? Ibb Branch 2375001 Wrong?
19. BARB0EXTNEH Wrong? Ids Extension Counter Branch 2717059 Wrong?
20. BARB0INDJAI Wrong? Ind. E. Branch 2330648, 2260910 Wrong?
21. BARB0INDGAN Wrong? Indra Gandhi Nagar Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
22. BARB0JAGJAI Wrong? Jagatpura Branch Wrong?
23. BARB0JAWJAI Wrong? Jawahar Nagar Branch 2651689 Wrong?
24. BARB0JHOTWA Wrong? Jhotwara Branch 2345696 Wrong?
25. BARB0JOHARI Wrong? Johri Bazar Branch 2577651 Wrong?
26. BARB0KALWAR Wrong? Kalwar Road Branch 2349176 Wrong?
27. BARB0KANJAI Wrong? Kanchroda Branch 245688 Wrong?
28. BARB0KOOKAS Wrong? Kookas Branch 227567 Wrong?
29. BARB0KOTPUT Wrong? Kotputhli Branch 226437 Wrong?
30. BARB0MIROAD Wrong? M. I. Road Branch 2377807 Wrong?
31. BARB0MAHAPU Wrong? Mahapura Branch Wrong?
32. BARB0MAHESH Wrong? Mahesh Nagar Branch Wrong?
33. BARB0MALJAI Wrong? Malviya Ngr Branch 2521630 Wrong?
34. BARB0MANJAI Wrong? Mansarovar Branch Wrong?
35. BARB0MAUZMA Wrong? Mauzmabad Branch Wrong?
36. BARB0EXTMIR Wrong? Mgd Extension Counter Branch Wrong?
37. BARB0MIDJAI Wrong? Midcorporate Office Branch 2366335 Wrong?
38. BARB0MULJAI Wrong? Msa Branch 2379812 Wrong?
39. BARB0MURLIP Wrong? Murlipura Nagar Branch Wrong?
40. BARB0NEHJAI Wrong? Nehru Place Branch 2747196, 2747198 Wrong?
41. BARB0SANJAI Wrong? New Sanganer Road Branch 2297119 Wrong?
42. BARB0NIWARU Wrong? Niwaru Road Raj Branch 2345784 Wrong?
43. BARB0POWERH Wrong? Power House Branch 2203052, 2202506 Wrong?
44. BARB0PRAJAI Wrong? Pratap Nagar Branch 2791779 Wrong?
45. BARB0RAJAWA Wrong? Rajawas Branch Wrong?
46. BARB0JAISAN Wrong? Sanganer Branch 2790909 Wrong?
47. BARB0SFSMAN Wrong? Sfs Mansarovar Branch Wrong?
48. BARB0SHAHPU Wrong? Shahpura Branch 222596 Wrong?
49. BARB0SHAJAI Wrong? Shastri Nagar Branch 2309843 Wrong?
50. BARB0SHIVDA Wrong? Shivdaspura Branch Wrong?
51. BARB0SIRJAI Wrong? Sirsi Road Branch 2358055 Wrong?
52. BARB0SITJAI Wrong? Sitapura Industrial Area Branch Wrong?
53. BARB0STAJAI Wrong? Station Road Branch 2375470, 2378365 Wrong?
54. BARB0TRIPOL Wrong? Tripolia Bzr Branch 2312451 Wrong?
55. BARB0UDAJAI Wrong? Udaipuria Branch Wrong?
56. BARB0JAICOM Wrong? Udyog Bhavan Branch 227218 Wrong?
57. BARB0VAIJAI Wrong? Vaishali Branch 2353974, 5188222 Wrong?
58. BARB0VIDJAI Wrong? Vidhyadhar N Branch 2231337 Wrong?

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