This page gives information about all the 42 Bank Of Baroda branches in Fatehpur district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Bank Of Baroda in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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List of Bank Of Baroda branches in Fatehpur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. BARB0AMAULI Wrong? Amauli Branch Wrong?
2. BARB0ASOTHA Wrong? Asothar Branch 236364 Wrong?
3. BARB0BAKEWA Wrong? Bakewar Branch 255038 Wrong?
4. BARB0BHITAU Wrong? Bhitaura Branch 244220 Wrong?
5. BARB0BINDKI Wrong? Bindki Branch 257560 Wrong?
6. BARB0DAPSAU Wrong? Dapsaura Branch Wrong?
7. BARB0DARFAT Wrong? Dariyamau Branch 264580 Wrong?
8. BARB0DEOMAI Wrong? Deomai Branch 271044 Wrong?
9. BARB0DHATAX Wrong? Dhata Branch 262218 Wrong?
10. BARB0FATEHP Wrong? Fatehpur Branch 224520 Wrong?
11. BARB0FATRAM Wrong? Fatehpur Roshnai Branch Wrong?
12. BARB0HARDOA Wrong? Hardoan Branch Wrong?
13. BARB0HASWAX Wrong? Haswa Branch 243229 Wrong?
14. BARB0HATHGA Wrong? Hathgaon Branch 252219 Wrong?
15. BARB0HUSAIN Wrong? Husainganj Branch 241261 Wrong?
16. BARB0INDCHA Wrong? I. E. Chakki Branch 248547 Wrong?
17. BARB0IRADAT Wrong? Iradatpur Chaturbhujpur Branch Wrong?
18. BARB0ITAULI Wrong? Itauli Branch Wrong?
19. BARB0JAFRAB Wrong? Jafrabad Branch Wrong?
20. BARB0JAHANA Wrong? Jahanabad Branch 253225 Wrong?
21. BARB0JAHFAT Wrong? Jahangir Nagar Branch Wrong?
22. BARB0JAMFAT Wrong? Jamrawan Branch Wrong?
23. BARB0JARAUL Wrong? Jarauli Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
24. BARB0KADHAR Wrong? Kadhara Branch Wrong?
25. BARB0KHAGAX Wrong? Khaga Branch 260866 Wrong?
26. BARB0KISHAN Wrong? Kishanpur Branch 263230 Wrong?
27. BARB0KOTIYA Wrong? Kotiya Branch Wrong?
28. BARB0LALAUL Wrong? Lalauli Branch 232224 Wrong?
29. BARB0MALWAN Wrong? Malwan Branch Wrong?
30. BARB0MUBARA Wrong? Mubarakpu Geria Branch 292324 Wrong?
31. BARB0PATFAT Wrong? Patel Nagar Branch Wrong?
32. BARB0PATTIS Wrong? Pattishah Branch Wrong?
33. BARB0RADFAT Wrong? Radha Nagar Branch Wrong?
34. BARB0REWFAT Wrong? Rewari Bujurg Branch Wrong?
35. BARB0SARAHA Wrong? Sarahan Buzurg Branch Wrong?
36. BARB0SARAUL Wrong? Sarauli Branch Wrong?
37. BARB0SARFAT Wrong? Sarkandi Branch Wrong?
38. BARB0SHAHBA Wrong? Shahbajpur Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
39. BARB0SHIFAT Wrong? Shivpuri Branch Wrong?
40. BARB0SIKROD Wrong? Sikrodhi Branch Wrong?
41. BARB0TANIXX Wrong? Tani Branch Wrong?
42. BARB0VIJAYE Wrong? Vijayeepur Branch 254274 Wrong?

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