Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of Baroda branches in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 41 branches in Pratapgarh district. The table below shows BOB Pratapgarh IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Bank Of Baroda Pratapgarh branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Bank Of Baroda branches in Pratapgarh

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. BARB0AJHARA Wrong? Ajhara Branch 0532-2421137 Wrong?
2. BARB0ANTUXX Wrong? Antu Branch 252213 Wrong?
3. BARB0ASPURD Wrong? Aspur Deosara Branch 266013 Wrong?
4. BARB0BANVEE Wrong? Banveer Kachh Branch Wrong?
5. BARB0BHADAU Wrong? Bhadauna Branch Wrong?
6. BARB0BHATAN Wrong? Bhatani Branch Wrong?
7. BARB0BRAMHA Wrong? Bramhauli Branch Wrong?
8. BARB0DELHUP Wrong? Delhupur Branch 251240 Wrong?
9. BARB0DERWAX Wrong? Derwa Branch 267029 Wrong?
10. BARB0DHAKWA Wrong? Dhakwa Branch 263175 Wrong?
11. BARB0DHARUP Wrong? Dharupur Branch Wrong?
12. BARB0DURGAG Wrong? Durgaganj Branch 233227 Wrong?
13. BARB0FAIZRD Wrong? Faizabad Road Branch Wrong?
14. BARB0GANBAZ Wrong? Gandhi Bazar Branch 235013 Wrong?
15. BARB0GARHIS Wrong? Garhisamdabad Branch 242468 Wrong?
16. BARB0HEERAG Wrong? Heeraganj Branch 247388 Wrong?
17. BARB0KALAKA Wrong? Kalakankar Branch 245220 Wrong?
18. BARB0KATGUL Wrong? Katra Gulabsingh Branch Wrong?
19. BARB0KATRAM Wrong? Katra Madniganj Branch 244179 Wrong?
20. BARB0KOHAND Wrong? Kohandaur Branch 239306 Wrong?
21. BARB0KOTANE Wrong? Kota Newadia Branch Wrong?
22. BARB0KUNDAX Wrong? Kunda Branch 230248 Wrong?
23. BARB0MAHULI Wrong? Mahuli Branch 236042 Wrong?
24. BARB0MANDHA Wrong? Mandhata Branch Wrong?
25. BARB0MANIKP Wrong? Manikpurtown Branch Wrong?
26. BARB0MURASS Wrong? Murassapur Branch Wrong?
27. BARB0PANCHM Wrong? Panchmahua Branch Wrong?
28. BARB0PARPRA Wrong? Parsola Branch 275001 Wrong?
29. BARB0PATTIX Wrong? Patti Branch 250228 Wrong?
30. BARB0PRATAP Wrong? Pratapgarh Branch 220574 Wrong?
31. BARB0PUCCAB Wrong? Pucca Bagh Hapur Branch Wrong?
32. BARB0PURABG Wrong? Purabgaon Branch 250106 Wrong?
33. BARB0PUREYP Wrong? Purey Panday Branch Wrong?
34. BARB0RAMPRA Wrong? Ramapur Branch 235313 Wrong?
35. BARB0RANALL Wrong? Raniganj Branch Wrong?
36. BARB0SAGSUN Wrong? Sagra Sunderpur Branch Wrong?
37. BARB0SAHERU Wrong? Saheruwa Branch Wrong?
38. BARB0SARPRA Wrong? Sarai Anadeo Branch Wrong?
39. BARB0SULPRA Wrong? Sultanpur Branch Wrong?
40. BARB0SUNPUR Wrong? Sunderpur Branch 286378 Wrong?
41. BARB0PRAUDA Wrong? Udaipur Branch Wrong?

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Bank Of Baroda Toll free Numbers

1800-22-3344 - General Issues
1800-22-0400 - Debit Cards
1800-102-4455 - Inclusion schemes
1800-102-7788 - Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana customers