This page gives information about all the 49 Bank Of Baroda branches in Sultanpur district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Bank Of Baroda in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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List of Bank Of Baroda branches in Sultanpur

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. BARB0ALIGAN Wrong? Aliganj,up Branch Wrong?
2. BARB0AMETHI Wrong? Amethi Branch 05368-222141, 222171 Wrong?
3. BARB0BADHMA Wrong? Badhmandi Branch Wrong?
4. BARB0BAHURA Wrong? Bahurawa,up Branch Wrong?
5. BARB0BANDHU Wrong? Bandhua,kalan,up Branch Wrong?
6. BARB0BANGAW Wrong? Bangwandeeh Branch 05364-249041 Wrong?
7. BARB0BARAUN Wrong? Baraunsa,up Branch Wrong?
8. BARB0BARCSM Wrong? Barsanda, UP Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
9. BARB0BHADAI Wrong? Bhadaiyan Branch 05362-254070 Wrong?
10. BARB0BIJETH Wrong? Bijethua Rajapur, UP Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
11. BARB0BIRNAW Wrong? Birnawan Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
12. BARB0CHASUL Wrong? Chandpur Saidopatti Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
13. BARB0CHATHU Wrong? Chathua,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
14. BARB0DEHWAX Wrong? Dehwa Branch Wrong?
15. BARB0DOSTPU Wrong? Dostpur Branch 05364-242220 Wrong?
16. BARB0GABSUL Wrong? Gabharia Crossing Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
17. BARB0GAURIG Wrong? Gaurigunj Branch 05368-244123 Wrong?
18. BARB0GHATKA Wrong? Ghatkaur, UP Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
19. BARB0GOSSUL Wrong? Gosaiganj, Up Branch Wrong?
20. BARB0HANSUL Wrong? Hanumanganj,up Branch Wrong?
21. BARB0HARSUL Wrong? Haripur,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
22. BARB0HEMNAP Wrong? Hemnapur,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
23. BARB0INDJAG Wrong? Industrial Estate Jagdishpur Branch 05361-270114 Wrong?
24. BARB0ISAULI Wrong? Isauli Branch 05361-243096 Wrong?
25. BARB0JAGSUL Wrong? Jagdishpur Branch 05361-265030 Wrong?
26. BARB0JAMONX Wrong? Jamon Branch 05361-263637 Wrong?
27. BARB0KADIPU Wrong? Kadipur, Up Branch Wrong?
28. BARB0KALSUL Wrong? Kalan,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
29. BARB0KAMTAG Wrong? Kamtaganj, UP Branch Wrong?
30. BARB0KARAUN Wrong? Karaundia Branch Wrong?
31. BARB0KOIREE Wrong? Koireepur Branch 05364-256222 Wrong?
32. BARB0KUDWAR Wrong? Kudwar,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
33. BARB0KUREBH Wrong? Kurebhar, Sultanpur, Up Branch 053626677608 Wrong?
34. BARB0LAMBHU Wrong? Lambhua Branch 05364-257230 Wrong?
35. BARB0MOTIGR Wrong? Motigarpur, Up Branch Wrong?
36. BARB0MUNSHI Wrong? Munshiganj Branch 05368-255069 Wrong?
37. BARB0MUSAFI Wrong? Musafirkhana Branch 05361-222245 Wrong?
38. BARB0NARAAD Wrong? Nara Adhanpur Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
39. BARB0PRASUL Wrong? Pratappur Kamaicha Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
40. BARB0RAMGAN Wrong? Ramganj Branch 05368-233230 Wrong?
41. BARB0RANIGA Wrong? Raniganj Branch 05361-269202 Wrong?
42. BARB0RANMUS Wrong? Ranmusepur,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
43. BARB0SANGRA Wrong? Sangrampur Branch 05368-275097 Wrong?
44. BARB0SHALAM Wrong? Shahgarh Branch 05362-283733 Wrong?
45. BARB0SHUKUL Wrong? Shukul Bazar Branch 05361-268204 Wrong?
46. BARB0SISOUD Wrong? Sisouda,sultanpur, Up Branch Wrong?
47. BARB0SULTAN Wrong? Sultanpur Branch 05362-240272, 240276 Wrong?
48. BARB0TATSUL Wrong? Tatamuraini,sultanpur,up Branch 1800223344 Wrong?
49. BARB0TRISUN Wrong? Trisundi Branch 05368-233242 Wrong?

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