Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. The bank has 18 branches in West Godavari district. The table below shows BOI West Godavari IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

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List of Bank Of India branches in West Godavari

#IFSC CodeBranch NameAddressContact No.
1. BKID0005688 Annadevarapeta H. O. Regadamilli Babu RS #429 1 Main Road Annadevarapeta Tallapudi Mandal West Godavari
Andhra Pradesh
2. BKID0008648 Bhimavaram 1ST Floor, Dasari Complexdoor #24-1-5/1, Ward #35, Bhimavaram
Andhra Pradesh
3. BKID0005687 Brahmannagudem H/O Garapati Ramesh Chandra Chowdary Brahmannagudem Chagallu Mandal West Godavari
Andhra Pradesh
4. BKID0005697 D Muppavaram H. O. D Rama Krishna DR #1 147 1 R. S. #12 1 D Muppavaram Nidadavole Mandal, West Godavari - 534301
Andhra Pradesh
5. BKID0008665 Darbhagudem 5-84, Main Bazar, Darbhagudemjeelugumilli Mandal, District West Godavari
Andhra Pradesh
6. BKID0008662 Dommeru Dommerudistrict West Godavari, Dommeru (District West Godavari)
Dommeru (dist. West Godavari) , Andhra Pradesh
7. BKID0008668 Dubacherala House #3/1, Main Roaddubacherala, Tadepalligudem Taluka, Dubacherala (District west Godavari)
Dubacherala (dist.west Godavari) , Andhra Pradesh
8. BKID0008664 Eluru G. N. T. Roadpower Pet, Eluru, District West Godavari
Andhra Pradesh
9. BKID0005631 Gummampadu Door #2-1, Main Road, Attili Mandalam, Gummampadu, West Godavari (AP)
West Godavari (ap) , Andhra Pradesh
10. BKID0005632 Jangareddygudem Door #10-227/A, Opposite RTC Busstand, West Godavari District , Jangareddygudem
Andhra Pradesh
11. BKID0005634 Nidadavolu D. #3-10-8, DR. Srirama Murthy Hospital Streetramnagar, West Godavari, Nidadavolu - 534301
Andhra Pradesh
12. BKID0008657 Palakoderu Door #2-168, Main Roadpalakoderu, District West Godavari, Palakoderu (District West Godavari)
Palakoderu (dist. West Godavari) , Andhra Pradesh
13. BKID0008647 Palakol 19-1-15, 1ST Floormain Road, Palakol, Palakol (District West Godavari)
Palakol (dist. West Godavari) , Andhra Pradesh
14. BKID0008663 Passivedala Passivedaladistrict West Godavari, Passivedala (District West Godavari)
Passivedala (dist. West Godavari) , Andhra Pradesh
15. BKID0005630 Pentapadu D #3-140, Opposite Panchayat Office, Ward #3, P. P. Road, Velampeta, Pentapadu, A. P, Pentapadu (A.P.)
Pentapadu (a.p.) , Andhra Pradesh
16. BKID0008661 Tadepalligudem Bojjulu Complexrailway Station Road, P. B. #11, Tadepalligudem
Andhra Pradesh
17. BKID0008674 Tanuku Tanuku Branch1st Floor, Venkat Arcade
Tanuku , Andhra Pradesh
18. BKID0008669 Vadapalli Door #4/70, Vadapallikovvur-mandalam, District West Godavari, Vadapalli (District west Godavari)
Vadapalli (dist.west Godavari) , Andhra Pradesh

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