Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. The bank has 19 branches in Shajapur district. The table below shows BOI Shajapur IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Bank Of India Shajapur branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Bank Of India branches in Shajapur

#IFSC CodeBranch NameAddressContact No.
1. BKID0009552 Agar Malwa Maheshwari Dharmashalaagar-malwa, Via Ujjain, District Shajapur, Agar Malwa (District Shajapur)
Agar Malwa (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
2. BKID0009565 Bapcha Barode P. O. Bapcha Barodevia Barode Malwa, District Shajapur, Bapcha Barode (District Shajapur)
Bapcha Barode (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
3. BKID0009556 Barode Malwa Sadar Bazarbarode, Via Ujjain, District Shajapur, Barode Malwa (District shajapur)
Barode Malwa (dist.shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
4. BKID0009564 Chhipiya Chhipiyapost Lala, Via Agar Malwa, District Shajapur, Chhipiya (District Shajapur)
Chhipiya (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
5. BKID0009143 Collectorate Agar Malwa Collectorate, Agar Malwa, Agar Malwa (District Shajapur)
Agar Malwa (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
6. BKID0009560 Jamner Dhakad Sadan, Ram Mandir Roadjamner, Tehl-shujalpur District Sujalpur, Jamner (District Shajapur)
Jamner (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
7. BKID0009558 Jhonkar Nagar Bhavanat & Post Jhonkar, District Shajapur, Jhonkar (District Shajapur)
Jhonkar (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
8. BKID0009566 Kalapipal OLD Mandi Groundat & Po Kalapipal District Shajapur, Kalapipal ( District Shajapur)
Kalapipal ( Dist Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
9. BKID0009557 Kalisindh AT & Post Kalisindhtehsil Shajapur, District Shajapur, Kalisindh (District Shajapur)
Kalisindh (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
10. BKID0009563 Kanad Sarangpur Road, Kanaddistrict Shajapur, Kanad (District Shajapur)
Kanad (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
11. BKID0009553 Moman Barodia Moman Barodiadistrict Shajapur, Moman Barodia (District Shajapur)
Moman Barodia (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
12. BKID0009567 Nalkheda Amla Road Tehsil Nalkheda Nalkheda District Shajapur, Nalkheda ( District Shajapur) - 465445
Nalkheda ( Dist Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
13. BKID0009562 Nandani Durga Bhavanat & Post Nandani, District Shajapur, Nandani (District shajapur)
Nandani (dist.shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
14. BKID0009550 Shajapur Jawahar Margshajapur
Shajapur , Madhya Pradesh
15. BKID0009554 Shujalpur 8, Lohiya Margshujalpur Mandi, District Sjajapur
Shujalpur , Madhya Pradesh
16. BKID0009551 Soyat Kalan Soyat Kalanvia Ujjain, District Shajapur, Soyat Kalan (District Shajapur)
Soyat Kalan (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
17. BKID0009559 Sundarsi P. O. Sundarsitehsil Shajapur, District Shajapur, Sundarsi (District Shajapur)
Sundarsi (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh
18. BKID0009568 Susner Near Dak Bangalow Wart #121 Indore Kota Road, Susner, District Shajapur, Susner (District t Shajapur MP)
Susner (distt Shajapur Mp) , Madhya Pradesh
19. BKID0009561 Tanodia AT & Post Tanodiavia Ujjain, Teshil Agar, District Shajapur, Tanodia (District Shajapur)
Tanodia (dist. Shajapur) , Madhya Pradesh

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