This page gives information about all the 33 Bank Of India branches in Ujjain district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Bank Of India in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

List of Bank Of India branches in Ujjain

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. BKID0009107 Wrong? Arvind Nagar Branch 0734-2552734/745 Wrong?
2. BKID0009118 Wrong? Baledi Branch 07367-227038 Wrong?
3. BKID0009119 Wrong? Barnagar Branch 07367-220367 Wrong?
4. BKID0009114 Wrong? Bhatpachlana Branch 07367-263630 Wrong?
5. BKID0009126 Wrong? Bheravgarh Branch 0734-2512874 Wrong?
6. BKID0009134 Wrong? Chandukhedi Branch Wrong?
7. BKID0009103 Wrong? Dashehra Maidan Branch 0734-2530928/929/930 Wrong?
8. BKID0009124 Wrong? Dhabla Hardu Branch 07369-267232 Wrong?
9. BKID0009101 Wrong? Freeganj Branch 0734-2521785 Wrong?
10. BKID0009123 Wrong? Ghatia Branch 07368-265229 Wrong?
11. BKID0009116 Wrong? Jharda Branch 07365-264220 Wrong?
12. BKID0009121 Wrong? Kaytha Branch 07369-262129 Wrong?
13. BKID0009112 Wrong? Khachraud Branch 07366-231199/056/789/799 Wrong?
14. BKID0009104 Wrong? Kheda Khajuria Branch 07365-265221 Wrong?
15. BKID0009144 Wrong? Lekoda Branch Wrong?
16. BKID0009109 Wrong? Mahananda Nagar Branch 0734-2519626 Wrong?
17. BKID0009113 Wrong? Mahidpur Branch 07356-231065/062 Wrong?
18. BKID0009115 Wrong? Mahidpur Road Branch 07365-243535 Wrong?
19. BKID0009102 Wrong? Maxi Road Branch 0734-2518814 Wrong?
20. BKID0009128 Wrong? Moulana Branch 07367-262188, 098936, 21442 Wrong?
21. BKID0009820 Wrong? Nagda Branch 07295-272100 Wrong?
22. BKID0009122 Wrong? Nagda Branch 07366-241691/791/891 Wrong?
23. BKID0009136 Wrong? Nagziri Branch 0734-2526203 Wrong?
24. BKID0009105 Wrong? Nainawad Branch 07363-246624 Wrong?
25. BKID0009127 Wrong? Pan Bihar Branch 07368-263320 Wrong?
26. BKID0009125 Wrong? Panthpiplai Branch 0734-2506238 Wrong?
27. BKID0009108 Wrong? Sethi Nagar Branch 0734-2517148 Wrong?
28. BKID0009138 Wrong? Surasa Branch 07368-261201 Wrong?
29. BKID0009120 Wrong? Tarana Branch 07369-236126 Wrong?
30. BKID0009100 Wrong? Ujjain Branch 0734-2562276 Wrong?
31. BKID0009135 Wrong? Ujjain Service Branch 0734-2562275 Wrong?
32. BKID0009111 Wrong? Unhel Branch 07366-240140 Wrong?
33. BKID0009110 Wrong? Vednagar Branch 0734-2526693 Wrong?

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