Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 60 branches in Lucknow district. The table below shows BOI Lucknow IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Bank Of India Lucknow branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Bank Of India branches in Lucknow

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. BKID0006803 Wrong? Aishbagh Branch 5222692437 Wrong?
2. BKID0006832 Wrong? Alambagh Branch 5222453955 Wrong?
3. BKID0006810 Wrong? Aliganj Branch 5222333913 Wrong?
4. BKID0006801 Wrong? Aminabad Branch 5222629644 Wrong?
5. BKID0006814 Wrong? Arjunganj Branch 5222812871 Wrong?
6. BKID0ARYAGB Wrong? Aryavart Gb Gomti Nagar Br Branch 5226455002 Wrong?
7. BKID0006805 Wrong? Ashok Marg Branch 5222287327 Wrong?
8. BKID0006874 Wrong? Bakshi Ka Talab Branch 5212298755 Wrong?
9. BKID0007552 Wrong? Banthara Branch Wrong?
10. BKID0007557 Wrong? Barawan Kala Jehta Branch Wrong?
11. BKID0007566 Wrong? Bhagu Kheda Branch 8090080097 Wrong?
12. BKID0006819 Wrong? Bijnaur Branch 5222817833 Wrong?
13. BKID0007530 Wrong? Chinhat Branch Wrong?
14. BKID0006802 Wrong? Chowk Branch 5222259215 Wrong?
15. BKID0006809 Wrong? Dhedhemau Branch 5212219268 Wrong?
16. BKID0006837 Wrong? Dubagga Branch 5222407515 Wrong?
17. BKID0006822 Wrong? Gahdon Branch 5212210292 Wrong?
18. BKID0006833 Wrong? Gauri Bazar Branch 5222476307 Wrong?
19. BKID0006828 Wrong? Gomti Nagar Branch 5222721134 Wrong?
20. BKID0007533 Wrong? Gomti Nagar Vistar Branch Wrong?
21. BKID0007532 Wrong? Gosaiganj Branch 5222836901 Wrong?
22. BKID0007560 Wrong? Iim Road Branch Wrong?
23. BKID0006852 Wrong? Indira Nagar C & P Banking Branch 5222346543 Wrong?
24. BKID0007550 Wrong? Itaunja Branch Wrong?
25. BKID0006842 Wrong? Jankipuram Vistar Branch 5222771002 Wrong?
26. BKID0006807 Wrong? Kaiserbagh Branch 5222627257 Wrong?
27. BKID0006812 Wrong? Kakori Branch 5222898222 Wrong?
28. BKID0006848 Wrong? Khargapur Branch Wrong?
29. BKID0007547 Wrong? Khujauli Chouraha Branch Wrong?
30. BKID0007531 Wrong? Khuramnagar Branch Wrong?
31. BKID0006808 Wrong? Kumhrawan Branch 5212297208 Wrong?
32. BKID0006834 Wrong? L. D. A Colony Branch 5222437986 Wrong?
33. BKID0006800 Wrong? Lucknow Branch 5224082240 Wrong?
34. BKID0006840 Wrong? Lucknow Mcb Branch 5223292368 Wrong?
35. BKID0006827 Wrong? Lucknow Recovery Branch 370158 Wrong?
36. BKID0006829 Wrong? Lucknow Retail Hub Branch 5222325383 Wrong?
37. BKID0006825 Wrong? Lucknow Service Branch 5224062031 Wrong?
38. BKID0006804 Wrong? Mahanagar Branch 5222332601 Wrong?
39. BKID0006844 Wrong? Malhore Branch Wrong?
40. BKID0007555 Wrong? Malihabad Branch Wrong?
41. BKID0007554 Wrong? Mall Branch Wrong?
42. BKID0007561 Wrong? Mohan Road Branch Wrong?
43. BKID0006811 Wrong? Mohanlalganj Branch 5222821229 Wrong?
44. BKID0006816 Wrong? Nagram Branch 5222827730 Wrong?
45. BKID0006806 Wrong? Nirala Nagar C & P Branch 5222788002 Wrong?
46. BKID0007563 Wrong? Para Branch Wrong?
47. BKID0006838 Wrong? Patrakarpuram Branch 5222392007 Wrong?
48. BKID0007565 Wrong? Rahimnagar Padiyana Branch 9453056197 Wrong?
49. BKID0006835 Wrong? Rajaji Puram Branch 5222415102 Wrong?
50. BKID0006817 Wrong? Sadar Branch 5222483710 Wrong?
51. BKID0006824 Wrong? Saidapur Branch Wrong?
52. BKID0006813 Wrong? Sarojini Nagar Branch 5222431195 Wrong?
53. BKID0006836 Wrong? Sarvodaya Nagar Branch 5222311015 Wrong?
54. BKID0007559 Wrong? Sgpgi Branch Wrong?
55. BKID0006839 Wrong? Sitapur Road Branch 5222759804 Wrong?
56. BKID0006815 Wrong? Subhanikheda Branch 5222443120 Wrong?
57. BKID0006818 Wrong? Sysendi Branch 5222824440 Wrong?
58. BKID0006821 Wrong? Terhi Pulia Branch 5222738170 Wrong?
59. BKID0007549 Wrong? Tiwariganj Branch Wrong?
60. BKID0007553 Wrong? Viraj Khand Branch Wrong?

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