Branch names and IFSC of all Bank Of India branches in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. The bank has 24 branches in Unnao district. The table below shows BOI Unnao IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Bank Of India Unnao branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Bank Of India branches in Unnao

#IFSC CodeBranch NameAddressContact No.
1. BKID0007312 Bangarmau Jagat Nagar, Tiraha Main Roadbangarmau, District Unnao, Bangarmau (District Unnao)
Bangarmau (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
2. BKID0007319 Banthar INT INST OF Sadd Tech & Export Managementleather Technology Park, Banthar, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh
3. BKID0007317 Behta Bhawani P. O. Behta Bhawanidistrict Unnao, Behta Bhawani (District Unnao)
Behta Bhawani (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
4. BKID0007314 Dahichauki Common Facility Centre, U. P. S. I. D. C. IND. Areadahichauki, District Unnao, Dahichowki
Uttar Pradesh
5. BKID0007327 Deeh : Gadankhera, Post : Deeh, Raibarely Road, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh
6. BKID0007303 Ganj Muradabad Misra Bhawanganj Muradabad, District Unnao, Ganj Muradabad (District Unnao)
Ganj Muradabad (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
7. BKID0007305 Haidrabad Post-haiderabaddistrict-unnao ( U. P ), Haidrabad (District unnao)
Haidrabad (dist.unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
8. BKID0007301 Hasanganj Near Markethasanganj, District Unnao, Hasanganj (District unnao)
Hasanganj (dist.unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
9. BKID0007329 Jagat Nagar Jagat Nagar Branch, Naubatganj, Post Jagat Nagar, Unnao - 209868
Uttar Pradesh
10. BKID0007323 Katri Peepar Khera Binda Nagar, Poni Road, Shuklaganj, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh
11. BKID0007308 Magarwara AT & Post Magarwaradistrict Unnao, Magarwara (District Unnao)
Magarwara (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
12. BKID0007315 Mangat Khera Mangat Kherapost Baugaon, District Unnao, Mangat Khera (District Unnao)
Mangat Khera (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
13. BKID0007316 Mawaebrahmanan Mawai Brahmnampost Laglesara, District Unnao, Mawaebrahmanan (District Unnao)
Mawaebrahmanan (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
14. BKID0007318 Mawai P. O. Mawaidistrict Unnao, Mawai (District Unnao)
Mawai (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
15. BKID0007313 Mirrikala AT & Post Kanthatehsil Purwa, District Unnao, Mirrikala (District Unnao)
Mirrikala (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
16. BKID0007321 Mohan Mohan, Gandhi Mission., HMKD. Inter Collegunnao
Unnao , Uttar Pradesh
17. BKID0007302 Purwa Mohalla Begumganjat & Post Purwa, District Unnao, Purwa (District Unnao)
Purwa (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
18. BKID0007328 Raukarna : Raukarna, Post-raukarna, Hardoi Road, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh
19. BKID0007341 Roori Sadikpur Mustafabadpost Roori Sadikpur, District Unnao, Roori Sadikpur (District Unnao)
Roori Sadikpur (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
20. BKID0007324 Shankarpur Sarai P. O. : Shankarpur Sarai, Block : Sikasarosi, Near Ganga Bairaj, U, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh
21. BKID0007320 Shuklaganj S. P. J. D. Balika Inter College, Shuklaganj, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh
22. BKID0007311 Targaon P. O. Office Targaondistrict Unnao, Targaon (District Unnao)
Targaon (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
23. BKID0007310 Terha AT & Post Terhadistrict Unnao, Terha (District Unnao)
Terha (dist. Unnao) , Uttar Pradesh
24. BKID0007300 Unnao Chauhan Building, Near Chhota Chouraha, 153, A-B Nagar, Unnao
Uttar Pradesh

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