This page gives information about all the 64 Canara Bank branches in Shimoga district. Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Canara Bank in Shimoga, Karnataka.

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List of Canara Bank branches in Shimoga

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. CNRB0004835 Wrong? Alageri Mandri Branch Wrong?
2. CNRB0003151 Wrong? Anandapuram Branch 08183-262234 Wrong?
3. CNRB0004220 Wrong? Anavatti Branch Wrong?
4. CNRB0000582 Wrong? Anveri Branch 08282-244821 Wrong?
5. CNRB0005390 Wrong? Aralapura Branch Wrong?
6. CNRB0005387 Wrong? Arasalu Branch Wrong?
7. CNRB0004221 Wrong? Ayanuru Branch Wrong?
8. CNRB0005396 Wrong? B Beeranahalli Branch Wrong?
9. CNRB0000577 Wrong? Basavani Branch 08181-254721 Wrong?
10. CNRB0001063 Wrong? Bhadravathi Channagiri Road Branch 08282-268255 Wrong?
11. CNRB0005945 Wrong? Bhadravathi Hosmane Extension Branch Wrong?
12. CNRB0004837 Wrong? Bhadravathi Jannapura Branch Wrong?
13. CNRB0000503 Wrong? Bhadravathi Main Branch 08282-266424 Wrong?
14. CNRB0004767 Wrong? Bharangi Branch Wrong?
15. CNRB0001864 Wrong? Bilki Branch 08187-238924 Wrong?
16. CNRB0001515 Wrong? Chandragutti Branch 08184-262325 Wrong?
17. CNRB0004083 Wrong? Channamumbapura Branch Wrong?
18. CNRB0001081 Wrong? Chickpet Branch 08185-243717 Wrong?
19. CNRB0003794 Wrong? Chikkangala Branch 08267-214017 Wrong?
20. CNRB0CO7960 Wrong? Circle Office Shimoga Branch Wrong?
21. CNRB0004226 Wrong? Cpc Shimoga Branch Wrong?
22. CNRB0005388 Wrong? Goddanakoppa Branch Wrong?
23. CNRB0008857 Wrong? Hithla Branch Wrong?
24. CNRB0000561 Wrong? Holalur Branch 08182-245821 Wrong?
25. CNRB0004222 Wrong? Holehonnuru Branch Wrong?
26. CNRB0000465 Wrong? Hosanagar Branch 08185-221243 Wrong?
27. CNRB0003795 Wrong? Hosudi Branch 08182-236066 Wrong?
28. CNRB0000585 Wrong? Issur Branch 08187-243215 Wrong?
29. CNRB0000580 Wrong? Jade Branch 08184-268623 Wrong?
30. CNRB0001876 Wrong? Kappanahally Branch 08187-242113 Wrong?
31. CNRB0000532 Wrong? Kargal Branch 08186-240325 Wrong?
32. CNRB0000583 Wrong? Keladi Branch 08183-260025 Wrong?
33. CNRB0001516 Wrong? Kodur Branch 08185-267021 Wrong?
34. CNRB0001949 Wrong? Kogar Branch 08186-210809 Wrong?
35. CNRB0000562 Wrong? Konandur Branch 08181-276634 Wrong?
36. CNRB0000576 Wrong? Mandagadde Branch 08181-245537 Wrong?
37. CNRB0004628 Wrong? Masuru Branch Wrong?
38. CNRB0000441 Wrong? Nittur Branch 08185-254828 Wrong?
39. CNRB0003975 Wrong? Rah Nelli Soudha Branch 08182-270674, 223668 Wrong?
40. CNRB0000534 Wrong? Ripponpet Branch 08185-242626 Wrong?
41. CNRB0000574 Wrong? Sagar Branch 08183-226584 Wrong?
42. CNRB0004648 Wrong? Sagar B H Road Branch Wrong?
43. CNRB0001662 Wrong? Salur Branch 08187-225824 Wrong?
44. CNRB0003797 Wrong? Santhekadur Branch 08182-240090 Wrong?
45. CNRB0004027 Wrong? Sanyasikodamagge Branch Wrong?
46. CNRB0000575 Wrong? Shikaripura Branch 08187-222260 Wrong?
47. CNRB0003066 Wrong? Shimoga A P M C Branch 08182-250189 Wrong?
48. CNRB0005946 Wrong? Shimoga Gopala Branch Wrong?
49. CNRB0005237 Wrong? Shimoga Kashipura Branch Wrong?
50. CNRB0000521 Wrong? Shimoga Main Branch 08182-222954 Wrong?
51. CNRB0003405 Wrong? Shimoga Micro Finance Branch Branch 08182-227025, 3405 Wrong?
52. CNRB0000524 Wrong? Shimoga Branch 08182-227041 Wrong?
53. CNRB0005236 Wrong? Shimoga Sangolli Rayanna Road [S R Road] Branch Wrong?
54. CNRB0001820 Wrong? Shimoga Seshadripuram Branch 08182-224282 Wrong?
55. CNRB0000872 Wrong? Shimoga Vidyanagar Branch 08182-240389 Wrong?
56. CNRB0002907 Wrong? Shimoga Vinoba Nagar Branch 08182-248009 Wrong?
57. CNRB0003758 Wrong? Shiralakoppa Branch 08187-233022 Wrong?
58. CNRB0000573 Wrong? Sorab Branch 08184-272225 Wrong?
59. CNRB0002437 Wrong? Specialised Sme Branch, Shimoga Branch 08182-222300 Wrong?
60. CNRB0001502 Wrong? Sunnadakoppa Branch 08187-237110 Wrong?
61. CNRB0000560 Wrong? Talaguppa Branch 08183-254126 Wrong?
62. CNRB0000571 Wrong? Thirthahalli Branch 228263 Wrong?
63. CNRB0003796 Wrong? Yedehalli Branch 08282-247007 Wrong?
64. CNRB0000581 Wrong? Yedur Branch 08185-268803 Wrong?

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