This page gives information about all the 52 Central Bank Of India branches in Ahmedabad district. Contact Central Bank Of India tollfree customer care on 1800 200 1911 . Scroll down for the location address and IFSC Code of branches of Central Bank Of India in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

List of Central Bank Of India branches in Ahmedabad

#IFSC CodeBranchContact No.
1. CBIN0280547 Wrong? Ahmedabad Branch 079-25357095 Wrong?
2. CBIN0281169 Wrong? Ahmedabad Regional Office Branch 25501466 Wrong?
3. CBIN0283183 Wrong? Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Branch 079-26301727 Wrong?
4. CBIN0281109 Wrong? Ahmedabad Zonal Office Branch 25503586 Wrong?
5. CBIN0280540 Wrong? Ambavadi, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26444734 Wrong?
6. CBIN0280541 Wrong? Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Branch 079-27541475 Wrong?
7. CBIN0283853 Wrong? Bapunagar, Ahmedabad Branch 022-22612008 Wrong?
8. CBIN0283829 Wrong? Bavla Branch 022-22612008 Wrong?
9. CBIN0281445 Wrong? Bhudarpura, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26601551 Wrong?
10. CBIN0283280 Wrong? Bopal Branch 02717-235890 Wrong?
11. CBIN0283268 Wrong? Cash Management Service, Ahmedabad Branch 079-25500863 Wrong?
12. CBIN0282047 Wrong? Chamanpura, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22681074 Wrong?
13. CBIN0284336 Wrong? Changodar Branch 79-2550552 Wrong?
14. CBIN0282268 Wrong? Drive In Cinema Road Branch 079-27486725 Wrong?
15. CBIN0282501 Wrong? Fedra Branch 2713-235241 Wrong?
16. CBIN0280544 Wrong? Gheekanta Rd.Ahmedabad Branch 079-22172722 Wrong?
17. CBIN0282103 Wrong? Gomtipur, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22161665 Wrong?
18. CBIN0282261 Wrong? Gujarat Law Society Area, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26421030 Wrong?
19. CBIN0281629 Wrong? Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26446451 Wrong?
20. CBIN0281389 Wrong? H.L.Commerce College Area, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26405039 Wrong?
21. CBIN0284062 Wrong? Harijan Ashram, Ahmedabad Branch 27556848 Wrong?
22. CBIN0281160 Wrong? Jamalpur Astodia, Ahmedabad Branch 079-25350091 Wrong?
23. CBIN0280545 Wrong? Kankaria, Ahmedabad Branch 079-25451571 Wrong?
24. CBIN0280549 Wrong? Khokhra Mehmedabad, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22160155 Wrong?
25. CBIN0280546 Wrong? Laldarwaja Branch 079-25503586, 25511119 Wrong?
26. CBIN0282382 Wrong? Lati Bazar, Ahmedabad Branch 079-25399191 Wrong?
27. CBIN0281235 Wrong? Maninagar, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22774404 Wrong?
28. CBIN0280550 Wrong? Maskati Market, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22149665 Wrong?
29. CBIN0283874 Wrong? Mid Corporate Finance Ahmedabad Branch 022-22612008 Wrong?
30. CBIN0280553 Wrong? Mithakhali, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26466309 Wrong?
31. CBIN0281404 Wrong? Naranpura, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26443576 Wrong?
32. CBIN0280548 Wrong? Navawadaj, Ahmedabad Branch 079-27470306, 27494431 Wrong?
33. CBIN0282329 Wrong? Nbo, Ahmedabad Branch 022-22612008 Wrong?
34. CBIN0280543 Wrong? Paldi, Ahmedabad Branch Wrong?
35. CBIN0280551 Wrong? Raipur Chakla, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22144160 Wrong?
36. CBIN0280556 Wrong? Rakhial Branch 02716-267240 Wrong?
37. CBIN0281192 Wrong? Rakhial Rd. Ahmedabad Branch 079-22749521 Wrong?
38. CBIN0280552 Wrong? Relief Rd. Ahmedabad Branch 079-25380227 Wrong?
39. CBIN0284588 Wrong? Retail Asset -ahmedabad Branch 022-22612008 Wrong?
40. CBIN0283887 Wrong? S.G.Highway Branch Wrong?
41. CBIN0280555 Wrong? Sahijpur Bogha, Ahmedabad Branch 079-22821341 Wrong?
42. CBIN0284755 Wrong? Sanand Branch 022-22612008 Wrong?
43. CBIN0283554 Wrong? Sarkhej Branch 079-26821750 Wrong?
44. CBIN0283744 Wrong? Satellite, Ahmedabad Branch 26929681 Wrong?
45. CBIN0280542 Wrong? Shahpur Rd., Ahmedabad Branch 079-25622278 Wrong?
46. CBIN0282442 Wrong? Sitapur Branch 2734-259119 Wrong?
47. CBIN0282784 Wrong? Sola Road, Ahmedabad Branch 079-27480097 Wrong?
48. CBIN0280554 Wrong? St.Xavier's School Road, Ahmedabad Branch 303453 Wrong?
49. CBIN0281661 Wrong? Surendra Mangaldas Road, Ahmedabad Branch Wrong?
50. CBIN0281258 Wrong? Tilak Road, Ahmedabad Branch 079-25508969 Wrong?
51. CBIN0281463 Wrong? Vasna, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26600724 Wrong?
52. CBIN0282722 Wrong? Vejalpur Road, Ahmedabad Branch 079-26828630 Wrong?

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Central Bank Of India Toll free Numbers

1800 200 1911