Branch names and IFSC of all Federal Bank branches in Kottayam, Kerala. The bank has 57 branches in Kottayam district. The table below shows Federal Bank Kottayam IFSC Code, branch name and contact numbers (if available).

If you are trying to find the IFSC code of Federal Bank Kottayam branch for the purpose of RTGS or NEFT transfer this page will give you accurate information.

List of Federal Bank branches in Kottayam

#IFSC CodeBranch NameContact No.
1. FDRL0001144 Wrong? Aruvithura Branch 2275306 Wrong?
2. FDRL0001881 Wrong? Athirampuzha Branch Wrong?
3. FDRL0001880 Wrong? Ayarkunnam Branch Wrong?
4. FDRL0001910 Wrong? Bharananganam Branch Wrong?
5. FDRL0001037 Wrong? Changanassery Branch 2420463 Wrong?
6. FDRL0001299 Wrong? Chingavanam Branch 2430433 Wrong?
7. FDRL0001140 Wrong? Erumely Branch 210261 Wrong?
8. FDRL0001044 Wrong? Ettumanoor Branch Wrong?
9. FDRL0001067 Wrong? Gandhinagar Branch Wrong?
10. FDRL0001254 Wrong? Kadaplamattom Branch 2251053 Wrong?
11. FDRL0001715 Wrong? Kalathipady Branch Wrong?
12. FDRL0001031 Wrong? Kanjirappally Branch 482203109 Wrong?
13. FDRL0001722 Wrong? Karukachal Branch Wrong?
14. FDRL0001303 Wrong? Kidangoor Branch 254191 Wrong?
15. FDRL0001106 Wrong? Kollappally Branch 246349 Wrong?
16. FDRL0001780 Wrong? Kothanalloor Branch Wrong?
17. FDRL0000303 Wrong? Kottam Credit Hub Branch 2566950 Wrong?
18. FDRL0001025 Wrong? Kottayam Branch Wrong?
19. FDRL0002227 Wrong? Kottayam Asset Recovery Branch 2569154 Wrong?
20. FDRL0002202 Wrong? Kottayam Nagampadam Branch 258631 Wrong?
21. FDRL0002229 Wrong? Kottayam Sankranthi Branch 2272241 Wrong?
22. FDRL0001376 Wrong? Kottayam/Kanjikuzhy Branch 2573688 Wrong?
23. FDRL0000512 Wrong? Kottayam/Service Branch 2583322 Wrong?
24. FDRL0002072 Wrong? Kulasekhara Mangalam Branch Wrong?
25. FDRL0001776 Wrong? Kumarakam Branch Wrong?
26. FDRL0001145 Wrong? Kuravilangad Branch 230252 Wrong?
27. FDRL0001952 Wrong? Kurichy Branch Wrong?
28. FDRL0001795 Wrong? Kurisummoodu Branch Wrong?
29. FDRL0001768 Wrong? Manarcadu Branch Wrong?
30. FDRL0001950 Wrong? Manimala Branch Wrong?
31. FDRL0001113 Wrong? Mevalloor Branch 257131 Wrong?
32. FDRL0001216 Wrong? Moonnilavu Branch 286238 Wrong?
33. FDRL0001397 Wrong? Mundakayam Branch 273356 Wrong?
34. FDRL0001227 Wrong? Muttuchira Branch 282362 Wrong?
35. FDRL0001045 Wrong? Nedumkunnam Branch 2415175 Wrong?
36. FDRL0001718 Wrong? Neendoor Branch Wrong?
37. FDRL0001578 Wrong? Paipad Branch Wrong?
38. FDRL0001097 Wrong? Pala Branch Wrong?
39. FDRL0001932 Wrong? Pala/Kottaramattom Branch Wrong?
40. FDRL0001840 Wrong? Pallickathodu Branch Wrong?
41. FDRL0001118 Wrong? Pampady Branch 2505751 Wrong?
42. FDRL0001402 Wrong? Perunna Branch Wrong?
43. FDRL0001109 Wrong? Peruva Branch 251174 Wrong?
44. FDRL0001133 Wrong? Ponkunnam Branch 222560 Wrong?
45. FDRL0001293 Wrong? Poonjar Branch 273014 Wrong?
46. FDRL0001115 Wrong? Poovarani Branch 2225339 Wrong?
47. FDRL0001215 Wrong? Pulickal Kavala Branch 2458881 Wrong?
48. FDRL0001274 Wrong? Puthuppally Branch 2352431 Wrong?
49. FDRL0001783 Wrong? Ramapuram Branch Wrong?
50. FDRL0001320 Wrong? Teekoy Branch 281015 Wrong?
51. FDRL0002084 Wrong? Thalanad Branch Wrong?
52. FDRL0001013 Wrong? Thalayolaparambu Branch 236125 Wrong?
53. FDRL0001823 Wrong? Thellakom Branch Wrong?
54. FDRL0001713 Wrong? Thengana Branch Wrong?
55. FDRL0001423 Wrong? Uzhavoor Branch 241746 Wrong?
56. FDRL0001096 Wrong? Vaikom Branch Wrong?
57. FDRL0001693 Wrong? Vakathanam Branch Wrong?

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